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I Am Sam. Sam I Am.

Posted Aug 12 2010 6:21pm
Do you like Green Eggs & Ham?
If you don't, at least pretend you do. In yet another exciting birthday-of-the-week, Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs & Ham turns 50 today! Don't worry, Sam, 50 is the new 40. Or so I hear.

Now, in the world of Sarah's fun-employment, she could have spent all day preparing recipes inspired by this lovely children's book, favorite of future foodies and followers of the Weird Food Movement everywhere. Sarah is now, however, gainfully employed. (And also apparently intending to speak in the third person for awhile?)

So, sadly, no green eggs and ham to speak of, but, because I can connect ANYTHING, how's this for a segue? There is a lot of repetition in Green Eggs & Ham. And there was a lot of repetition in my eats the past two days.

OK, that was lame. I know.

But I did feel a little bit like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day because I pretty much had the exact same breakfast, lunch, and snackables both days.

Breakfast was the standard BUG of overnight oats. Start with 1/4 cup of plain yogurt...
...and add 1/3 cup oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, and 1/2 Tbsp. each oat and wheat bran.
I threw in 1/2 a banana and a handful of delicious Texas blueberries.
My milk this time was a new foodie find Not only was the SO Delicious Coconut Milk on sale, there was also a coupon stuck to it for $1 off. With deal, how could I say SO? [Channeling Dr. Seuss, you see!] To be honest, I just bought it because I love the SO Delicious ice cream....the coconut milk tastes a lot like skim to me, but with a slight hint of sumpin' different. It didn't really make any difference in the oats though!
I threw on a few extra blueberries with some chopped pecans. It was certainly delish! (Clearly, since I had it two days in a row.)
Lunch on both days was a beautimous salad! [Are we really surprise?]
Romaine, carrots, red and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers...
....all sprinkled with Penzey's Northwoods Seasoning (I am obsessed.)
I had a side of cottage cheese & Cedar's Spinach & Artichoke hummus.
In even MORE repetitive behavior, I also packed some Archer Farms Mediterranean Hummus Chips.
These ought to just be called YUM-mus chips, as they are incredibly addicting...I now want to try the other flavors!

Afternoon snacks included more obsessions....a mix of melon...
Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and something called "Dew-licious" Melon that is locally grown and, yes, I bought because it was called dew-licious. It's a lot like honeydew, but a, words are failing me right now...

...also a gathering of grapes!
In addition to that fruitastic feast, I figured, it's my Birthday Week, I should eat cookies in the afternoon, right? Especially if they are made by Luna and thus can be called "health food" in many circles.
First up: Berry Pomegranate. Tasted great. Light and fresh. Would have been a good breakfast treat! Only 130 calories, so comparable in both size and caloric content to my favorite Clif Z Bars, but with more nutritional boosts as far as vitamins and minerals. Not as much protein as a regular Luna though.
And today, a variation on the theme, as I snacked on the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor while driving to the gym.
It was divided as though I was supposed to break it in half and share it. But, as with Twix, all I have to say to that, no.
It tasted, perhaps not surprisingly since it IS a Luna product, like a cross between the Luna Peanut Butter Cookie and Clif Z Bar Chocolate Brownie. In a word: INCREDIBLE. Nutty and chocolatey goodness. All I could think was, "There is NO way this is healthy." [And, "Why isn't there more of it?"]

I would eat them in a house.
I would eat them with a mouse.
I would eat them in a box.
I would eat them with a fox.
I would eat them here or there,
I would eat them ANYWHERE!

And that, my friends, is why I teach in elementary school.

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