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I’m OATS Shook Up! (W.I.A.W.)

Posted Apr 03 2013 12:03am

Last week, I gave y’all a little update on the end of the word as we know it of my daily calorie tracking. After realizing it had become a near obsession that stripped me of time, energy, and joy in food for food’s sake, I have been working towards reclaiming the notion that food is fun, eating is easy, and creativity can re-emerge in the kitchen when you start to let go of the restrictive numerical concepts.

this tofu scramble, with plenty of ketchup, and champagne grapefruit from TJ's really was amazing.

One of the goals I expressed to y’all during Jenn ‘s What I Ate Wednesday party last week was breaking out of my ‘same old, same old’ cycle of foods whose (caloric) numbers I knew by heart, and focused instead on what I truly WANTED to eat. I have been trying to make like Elvis and get ‘all shook up’ with my routine.

Specifically, breakfast.

how can i top thee? let me count the ways...

To be honest, I normally really enjoy getting creative with my oatmeal every morning, but some days I’ve woken up and determined that oats just aren’t always what I want.

One morning, I decided I wanted brown rice.

when i say 'morning,' i mean three a.m. when the craving struck, and i woke up to start the soaking process

So I mixed some (of the best Whole Foods 365 Short Grain) brown rice with almond milk and cinnamon

…and paired it with sweet scrambled pumpkin goji berry tofu and crisp, chopped apples.

And my poor travel bug –bowl [slash] mug–was neglected yet again when a craving for both crisp and creamy–and toast–resulted in me packing up a different container…

…for a breakfast of pineapple Chobani mixed with tofu, pumpkin, and pie spice spread onto Ezekiel flax bread toast, with F.R.O.G. preserves and sliced apples.

One morning, I decided I really did want oats…but as the scent of stew being created at the hands of my roommate wafted through our house, I decided that savory was the way to go.

herb-and-mustard oatmeal covered in spinach-and-veggie saute topped with chopped sweet apples

And then there was the morning when all I wanted was a super giant pancake.

coc-oat-nut single serving fluffy pancake with bananas, pecans, pineapple chobani, raspberry protein whip, and sprinkles

Yeah. Y’all are going to want this recipe.

Of course, now that I’m flirting with the incredible edibles again, I couldn’t let Easter go by without an Easter EGG.

No Cadbury or coconut cream–or coveted Reese’s--versions here, but I did manage to eek out some fairly suitable yolk porn. [Forgive me, Father...]

Obviously, my oats have been suffering from lack of attention, but we’re not quite ready for a complete break-up, yet.

vanilla cinnamon oats topped with apples, pears, and carrot cake granola

After all, (occasional) absence makes the stomach heart grow fonder, right?

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