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Huevos Motuleños

Posted Jun 03 2008 3:04pm
I'm always looking for new breakfast/brunch recipes and this one eat this 24/7. In my opinion, it's better than your typical Huevos Rancheros because of the yummy black beans. It also doesn?t hurt if you love black beans which I'm discovering my endearment. It looks and sounds more complicated than it really is but if you follow the directions in order, it's a breeze to pull together for a savory breakfast or satisfying brunch.

Huevos Motuleños is a motul recipe, from the Yucatan Pennisula region of Cuba, that contains a lot of meat with the breakfast dish. I, however, adapted to a more vegetarian friendly style. I accidentally left the eggs a little runny but I decided to leave it be for a taste test. I'm trying various ways to eat eggs and I'm finding that I really can enjoy them any style. I used to hate eggs and mayonnaise but my tastes are very drastically changing. The mayo, however, I refuse to eat. I prefer making tofu mayo, substituting sour cream or using yogurt because its healthier and mayo itself is just sickening; miracle whip is just as bad.

When I ate the runny eggs, I recalled the face I made when my friend dunked her French toast into the yellowy yolk and the face I made. I feel bad now because that's exactly what I did with the tortilla! If you don't like poaching eggs, you can cook them anyway you desire and if you can't take jalapeño peppers, you can substitute them for something else..or use hotter peppers.

Huevos Motuleños
Spiked Frijoles
½ black beans, cooked
1/3 cup onions, chopped
5 jalapeño slices (Like those by Old El Paso - wonderful product)
Coriander powder
Cayenne Pepper
½ tbsp maple syrup
Cilantro (Plus extra for garnish)
Salt to taste

If you use homemade cooked beans, its best if its underdone so you can continue to cook it in the spices until it reaches its semi-mushy consistency. If you're using canned beans, the cooking time is shorter. Combine all the ingredients in a pot, bring to a boil, lower to a simmer and allow the beans to cook until a near refried beans look but not quite.

Tangy Poached Huevos
1 Egg
Onions and jalapeños, finely minced

In a medium-large skillet, fill it with two to three inches of water and bring it to boil. Lower the heat until a medium-boil is reached then gently crack an egg on the side of the pan - gently! - and slip it into the water. Cook for 4 minutes for a semi-runny center or more for a more firm texture. Once it reaches the desired cooked degree, remove the egg from the water with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel.

French Toast-Style Tortilla
¼ cup egg beaters
Hot sauce
Take a tortilla, dip it into the mixture and fry on both sides.

Pan-fried Bananas
½ banana, sliced in half
Spray with nonstick spray and fry until caramelization occurs. You don't need any spices to hide the natural flavors of caramelized bananas, trust me.

To Plate:
Cut the Tortilla in quarters on the bottom of the dish, pour the bean mixture on top, place the egg on top, and set bananas along side. Garnish with queso or cottage cheese (wish I had some, darn it!) and cilantro.
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