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How to plan out meals like dinner and breakfest?

Posted by Vinny C.


I how do you guys plan out your meals?

The hardes part is dinner, I would like avoid take out at all cost. So my question is when you go food shopping do you plan out the weeks dinner and how do you keep it diffrent?

Do you buy a cookbook for ideas or where do you get them from?

Do you cook in advanced?

hehe I'm a little new to this and lack organization to better my eating habbits any tips and advice is appreciated

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This is what we do at my house. We have many cookbooks that we like to read and also, pick up on our travels. We also watch the food channel. When we find a recipe we like, we make a shopping list -- usually for shopping on a Sunday. With the leftovers and leftover ingredients, we plan little meals around them, too. Like, with a recipe that leaves you with lemon halves or nuts, for example, plan a salad around that. Or, if you're making stock, thicken some up with pureed veggies or cheese and use it for a pasta sauce.
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