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How to make Tuna Sauce

Posted Dec 02 2009 7:42am
When all there is in the house is Tuna, tomato and some pasta: What do you do?

Pasta with Tuna recipe

What I do when I only have a few things in house like Tuna is:
Garlic crushed, olive oil then I add 3 or 4 fillets of anchovies which I try to always have in the fridge as I buy and use them sparingly whether on pizza or pasta sauce.

Then I add tomatoe (if fresh cut into small pieces but mainly I have tomato puree or the paste. Then I add together with the tuna fish plus some salt, pepper or chilli.
Cook it slowly..when the sauce is reduced thick remove from heat and in the meantime you have boiled or boiling your pasta and serve with the tuna sauce

My friend is working Mommy in Italy and so she does not have much time to during the week so she makes all these kind of sauces and she stores in the freezer and every evening she has everything ready.

What containers to use for storage?
Never mind, make it a habit of keeping those jam/marmalade bottles and they really are useful to me in storing food like this.

Avoid using plastics for storing food not for anything but watch out what's in those plastic bottles read my post herePlastic Poison?: Bisphenol A or bpa an enemy in fridge store on our tables

Thanks to all lovers of food that have always followed this blog keep reading next weeks as so much is coming up in Christmas Menu's for A Recession hit Christmas plus Im organising a wine tasting event with a friend so looking forward to sharing all that later.

Remember to read Plastic Poison?: Bisphenol A or bpa an enemy in fridge store on our tables

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