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How Is Homotoxicology and Toxic Load related to the Quantum EPFX?

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

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What can we DO to help our body cope with the physical, mental, emotional and stresses resulting from pollutants, chemicals, and toxins we deal with everyday?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Homotoxicology is a non-allopathic paradigm through which to view overall toxic load.  The Homotoxicology model views acute illness as an actual healing response appropriate to your body’s defense against homotoxins.  Quantum EPFX unconscious biofeedback utilizes Homotoxicology without having to consciously interact during session or to take homeopathic remedies.

ARTICLE: As you can see, we’re on a roll about overall or total toxic load.  We know that living in our modern world puts us in daily contact with industrial pollutants, degraded and “treated” foods, and allopathic suppressive drugs, and many other toxic “cocktails”.

But just how bad are they?  How can we view this with a different paradigm?  Is there a “gentle” non-allopathic solution?

It’s interesting to see how different non-allopathic worlds view this issue of total toxic load.  Today, we’ll consider the Homotoxicology model.

Let’s build a bit of a base first so we’re all on the same page.

Homotoxicology is a theoretical and practical model developed by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985), who integrated modern scientific principles with Homeopathic principles. The Homotoxicology model views illness or dis-ease as your body’s defense against toxic substances (homotoxins).

According to Homotoxicology, duration and intensity of toxin-loading determine the type and severity of your illness.   I.e., when your body is unable to detoxify, disturbances occur which eventually manifest as illness or dis-ease, which, in turn is viewed as the body’s attempt to restore balance.

So then, in the Homotoxicology model, acute illness represents an actual healing response and is a good thing.  (E.g., fevers under 103 degrees increase enzyme activity.)  This model further shows that suppression (especially allopathically) can lead to chronic degenerative stress.  Therefore, in Homotoxicology, virtually all symptoms of mental, physical, and emotional stress are regarded as signs that your body is attempting to rid itself of homotoxins (substances toxic to humans).

Reckeweg identified and classified reactions against homotoxins and identified 6 phases of disease and various levels of tissue classification to visually show progression of disease.  In building this table, he also considered miasmatic (predispositions) and constitutional tendencies and environmental influences.

Homotoxicology, like homeopathy, understands your healing to be
• From inner to outer
• From above to below
• From most to least vital organ
• In reverse order of symptom appearance

This model also shows that allopathic (or other) suppression often leads to movement in the opposite direction of healing.  (E.g., steroids given to suppress eczema might lead to asthma.)

So Homotoxicology views your body’s response as an appropriate biological resistance to toxic substances (homotoxins).  Disease is your body’s expression of its battle against toxins in an attempt to counteract and expel them.  When your body can’t expel them, it then tries to make up for damage already incurred. 

The Homotoxicology table shows 6 phases of this process:

1. Excretion Phase – Your body’s defensive system is intact.  It excretes homotoxins. (E.g., diarrhea, runny nose, etc)

2. Inflammation Phase – Your body has an inflammatory response because excretion is insufficient to neutralize toxins.  (E.g., fever)

3. Deposition Phase – Your body begins to store toxins because it can’t sufficiently excrete them and/or they continue to flow into your body.  (You often have no symptoms during this phase.)

4. Impregnation Phase – Toxins have invaded cells and become part of your connective tissue and matrix.  (You may experience severe symptoms because of organ cell damage.)

5. Degeneration – Toxins in your cells may destroy large cell groups in organs which may result in organ degeneration.

6. Differentiation – Your cell genes are damaged.  (Malignant diseases are at the end of this phase.)

This model show phases 1-3 as naturally “reversible”; phases 4-6 as more difficult to deal with because of organ damage.

Ok so where the heck does that leave us and what does it all mean?

Maybe this means nothing to you and it doesn’t resonate with you at all.  Then just consider this an “interesting read”.

If this makes sense to you, however, and you’d like to pursue the topic further, there are plenty of experienced practitioners that adhere to the philosophy of Homotoxicology. 

Homeopathic combinations are designed to restore health by eliminating homotoxins.  They are designed to flush toxins out of the matrix of your connective tissues, to improve your individual organ functionality, and to strengthen your immune system.

The Quantum EPFX unconscious biofeedback also utilizes the homotoxicological approach without having to “take” homeopathic remedies.  In addition, it works on an energetic / electrical level without you having responsibility to consciously interact while in session or to “take” remedies after session. 

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to comment, call, and visit our website at

Have a healthy day!

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