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How’s that cycle? And I’m not talking bikes.

Posted Oct 04 2012 6:00am
What comes out of our body is pretty a status report on what’s going on inside. Pardon the visual but we know that green snot is a sign of infection. How about loose poo? Perhaps a bacterial infection, yeast issues or nerves. You get the idea. The best way to know what is going on inside, is to have a peak at what’s coming out. Periods are part of that little clique. They are a part of nature, as are we. Too often, we ignore the natural cycles that surrounds us, and operates inside us. We can tell a lot from our hormonal health by looking at things like how long our cycles are (meaning how often we are getting out period), how heavy or light they may be– all those ooey gooey details that tampons (did you read this?) help us to ignore. The monthly period is like a cleanse for the vag- the easiest cleanse you'll ever do. Just let nature run its course. It’s like a sweet little self-cleaning oven. If we aren’t putting our best period forward, perhaps we should think about addressing this from the root cause, rather than popping a pill and waiting for the next problem down the line to rear its ugly head. It always does.
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