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Hot Overnight Oats?

Posted Sep 27 2010 9:57am

I have a confession:  I love hot oatmeal but I hate the process of cooking it.  It takes a long time and I’m just too lazy to watch over it.  Even the microwave method is annoying because you have to keep checking to see that it doesn’t overflow while it’s cooking.

So I cheat.  Like this morning.  I make overnight oats like I usually do, and pop it in the microwave in the morning for a minute or two just to heat it up.  It’s easy and quick, and I can barely taste the difference.

So what to call this… Hot oats or overnight oats?  Hot overnight oats? Works for me!  If you see me eating hot oats, this is usually the method I use to cook it. ;)   Today’s breakfast was hot pumpkin overnight oats.

Oops, got too close!  The steam fogged up the lens.

Muuuuch better. :P

Note to self: Never fully mix in peanut butter into the oats.  I couldn’t taste it in there. :neutral:   Next time, I’ll only top with it.

This was deliciously warm on a rainy morning.



After a weekend of heavy drinking, I feel like I need to detox myself with lots of veggies.  A big bowl of salad was calling my name.  Specifically, a massaged kale salad.  I’ve only recently read up about massaging kale leaves, and I decided give it a try.  Last night, I poured olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt on the leaves, massaged them for 2 minutes and let it sit overnight in the fridge topped with vegetables.

All mixed with tomatoes, onions, avocados, and parmesan cheese

I really liked how this technique really made the kale leaves soft and flavorful.  It was such a simple, but nutritious salad.  My body feels better already. :)

On the side was a half of a corn on the cob.  I was thinking about putting the kernels in the salad, but I really love eating it off the cob.

Perhaps it’s because I need to fuel the OCD part of me with my neat corn eating habits, which gives me an odd sense of satisfaction and pride. ;)   Hey, at least I know and admit that I’m a freak.

Rain makes Monday poopier than it already is.  I’m feeling very unproductive today.  Guess I’ll go try to force myself to get some work done.  Check ya later!

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