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Honeymoon Recap: Sandals Grande Antigua – Candlelight Dinner on the Beach & Last Part Of Honeymoon!..

Posted Nov 17 2012 10:50am

Hi there!  Happy Saturday!  I know I never usually post on the weekends but I wanted to finish my honeymoon recap series.  If you missed any part of our honeymoon recaps you can check out the first part and second part here and here .

There is one restaurant on the property that is supposed to be the “best restaurant” and is the fanciest one.  We knew that we had to go there twice if we liked it the first time dining.  We were actually scheduled to eat there twice.  We were looking forward to this restaurant the most.  It’s called Eleanor’s.  The first night we went there, we had to wait to be seated.  While we were waiting, our new friends, Pam and Matt walked in who also had reservations there that night.  We decided instead of eating separately we would eat together.  That was the perfect idea especially since we had plans to dine there again later in the week by ourselves.

Eleanor’s menu!

Potato Croquette appetizer


The most incredible pumpkin soup! So delicious and flavorful!

The entree to order in this restaurant is the lobster tail.  It’s all people talk about walking around the resort.  I’ve had lobster tail in the past and you usually expect a small or normal side lobster tail.  Well, not at Eleanor’s!  It’s anything but a normal lobster tail.  Take a look at this thing!

Massive Lobster tail!

This was the BEST lobster tail that I have ever tasted!  All of us agreed!  We even saw people taking some to go to bring back to their room!  Why not!  It’s all you can eat and all inclusive.  You might as well take advantage of it.  We had such a great time at dinner, enjoying the food, wine, and the company.  We really made such good friends.

Instead of going back to the room, we decided to go to the Irish Pub.  The pub usually has events going on at night.  That night happened to be line dancing night!  Perfect!! We learned a new dance called the Wobble!  Have you heard of this?  Mike and I felt like the only ones who didn’t know it.  I thought it was a local Antiguan line dance but apparently it’s from the US.  We had so much fun hanging out!

Me and Pam!

Matt & Mike!

We miss spending time with them!  I say a trip to Toronto is in order!  So much fun!

Now I’ll show you the pictures from when Mike and I went back to Eleanor’s ourselves.

Fish cake appetizer which was incredible! This was the only item that was different that we tried from the first time we went.

Me at my fave restaurant on the property!


Mike at our favorite restaurant on the property!

The newlywed’s! Yes, we matched again on purpose :)

Another restaurant that I was super excited to try was OK Corral.  We went there numerous times for breakfast.  It was where I got my beloved pumpkin pancakes almost every morning.  We couldn’t wait to go there for dinner!  As you know I am a HUGE fan of Mexican food.  This restaurant was the Tex-Mex restaurant on the resort.  I was SO excited for this food that I even straightened my hair that night.  It turned out to be a waste though because it started pouring and my hair was drentched and curly by the time we got back to our room.  Fail.  Lesson learned.  Never wear your hair straight on an island.

OK Corral!

Front of menu


Inside of menu!


Homemade chips with fresh salsa

Fish tacos!

Shrimp Quesadillas


Pulled BBQ Chicken sliders



Mike and I before it started pouring rain!

The food was incredible!  We really enjoyed ourselves and wished we could have dined there again but there was not enough time.  Our last night in Antigua, we had a candlelight dinner on the beach.  We created our menu with our butler and they had everything set up for us on the beach. It was actually on our one week of getting married.  So it was perfect.  It was very romantic.

Mike sitting on the beach for our dinner

Coconut Shrimp


Smoked Salmon appetizer

Mediterranean Salad

Tilapia for our main course

Chocolate cake


Creme brulee

The dinner was fantastic and the experience was even better!  We couldn’t wait for the next part of our evening!  The resort hosted a Chocolate Buffet!  This was perfect for me because I am a chocolate fanatic!  This was my favorite part of the night!

Fancy martini station! They would make you fancy martinis to drink!

Me and my delicious martini!


Chocolate Heaven!

More chocolate!

This chocolate buffet was incredible!  Definitely a highlight of the resort for me.  The only thing that Mike and I regretted was not going on any of the exercusions to leave the resort.  We wanted to but they were expensive and we were just so tired and wanted to relax and really enjoy ourselves together.  Next time, we will most definitely take part in exercusions.  We heard wonderful things about them.

Mike did snorkel and he did kyayking.  We both did a water tricycle which was fun.  I am not one for water sports but all of that is included in the resort.  The resort also has photographers set up and you can do photo sessions with them and then buy your pictures after.  This is what we did.  Check them out!





Overall, we both really enjoyed ourselves so much!  Sandals went above and beyond to make our honeymoon perfect and memorable.  Our butlers went out of their way for us as well.  We were so appreciative of everything they did to make our stay great.  We would both recommend Sandals in a heartbeat!

We would also recommend Antigua!  It is a beautiful island that most of the time gets overlooked.  It has so much to offer and it really is very romantic and beautiful.  It has white sand and the most beautiful water you have ever seen.  It’s very laid back and easy going.  It’s the perfect place to relax.  Oh, Antigua, we miss you!  We would both go back there without hesitation.  So if you are looking for an incredible place to vacation, definitely look into Sandals and more importantly check out Antigua! I promise you will like it.

I hope you enjoyed recapping our honeymoon with me.  I know I did!  It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

Have a great Saturday!

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