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Homemade Sandwich Bread

Posted Mar 21 2012 7:30am
Can you think of anything more delicious than homemade bread?
I love bread. Let me repeat that .. I LOVE BREAD.
Hubs and I stopped buying processed store bought bread a couple of years ago. I used to look at the nutritional information on packages to see the calories, fat and carbs. Now, I don't even look at that info and go straight to the ingredients. The basic ingredients of bread is flour, yeast and water. Depending on the type of bread, you start getting creative by adding olive oil, butter, milk, salt, herbs etc.
If you have a loaf of bread sitting around on your counter check out the ingredients. You won't see the simple flour, yeast, water, salt you'll see a long paragraph of unknown nonsense. What is that? Not sure why those bread companies add all that extra crap to our food other than the fact that it's cheap. Great profit for those guys but serious crap for our health.
I'm embarassed to say that my father-in-law gave my hubby and I this bread machine a long time ago and I've just got around to using it. It didn't come with an instruction book and after a ton of research online and checking out my moms manual for her bread machine just seemed complicated and back in the box it would go. My father in law assured us that it was super simple and every loaf turns out. I finally gave it a try and oh my goodness I'm on cloud 9. I'm in bread HEAVEN. I currently have a loaf of bread in the machine as I type. I found this recipe on King Arthurs website. It seemed simple enough and had great reviews so I gave it a try. I used organic white whole wheat flour because it's what I had on hand. Today, I'm using the exact same recipe but using organic whole wheat flour. King Arthur is my favorite brand of flour (if you have one please share). Munch, munch, munch... If you have a bread machine, I'm begging you - use it! It's the best invention ever. There is no reason why this recipe can't be done by hand and tossed into a bread pan and into the oven. I'm going to try this because I'm positive it will turn out just as good. The only problem -- kneading the dough, letting it rise, kneading again and lettting it rise before baking. I love getting my hands dirty and touching the food I plan to eat, but let's face it not all of us have time to make bread by hand. So, if you have a machine to do the work for you please use it, if not get your hands dirty would ya!? I guess I should get to the recipe already.

White Whole Wheat Bread

by King Arthur Flour

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: Bread Machine

Keywords: bread machine bake side healthy vegetarian bread flour sandwich wheat

Ingredients (1 loaf)


Put all of the ingredients into your machine in the order recommended by the manufacturer. Program the machine for basic white bread, and press Start.

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