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Home Sweet Home

Posted Jun 05 2011 11:58pm
Oh it feels good to be home in Minnesota.  I am always shocked at how much I miss Minnesota at times.  We had a wonderful evening with my parents, planting flowers, making dinner, and test tasting all the wonderful cupcakes!  We enjoyed the cupcakes one at a time, and all decided which one was our favorite.  I had a hard time pinpointing my favorite but I narrowed my favorites down in the end.  

Mark and I grilled dinner tonight for my parents.  We made the grilled pineapple and romaine heart salad  (the one we learned how to make at Marks, Parents).  We did not have pineapple juice this time, so for the dressing I squeezed some fresh lemon into the Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar!  
Made my calico beans , munched  on some grilled veggies (grilled in foil with olive oil, pepper, garlic, and salt), and enjoyed veggie burgers (for my mom and I) and beef burgers for the men!   Everything was wonderful, with a fabulously sweet ending to dinner,amazing cupcakes from Mode!
Here is the list of cupcakes we sampled tonight, S'MoresCookies and Cream Red VelvetChocolate Carmel Margarita and White Velvet
We started off with the Margarita cupcake,  topped with a lime and salt this cupcake was a great summer cupcake Mark thought!  The Margarita cupcake was hands down my dads favorite.  And the kicker, the icing had tequila in it!  The Margarita cupcake was one of my favorites (because it was such an interesting concept), along with the cookies and cream, and chocolate carmel.Next up was this little guy

Cookies and Cream!  Tons of vanilla frosting with cookies crumbled in the mix, and dusted with crushed cookies on top.  This cupcake was a white cake with cookie at the bottom of the cupcake as well.  I loved the frosting!  But then again I am a frosting person!Our third cupcake threw my taste buds for a loop, and I know longer knew what cupcake was my favorite!  Our third cupcake was Chocolate Carmel!  The chocolate carmel was my moms favorite, and like I said before was in the lead as one of my favorites! Chocolate cupcake with carmel in the middle, which was then topped with chocolate and vanilla frosting!  Yum, the carmel had sunk into the cake which left the cake moist, sweet and still a little gooey!  This was a wonderful cupcake!
Any guess as to what the one above is?  That would be the White Velvet.  White cake topped with vanilla frosting and a bunch of white chocolate curls!  The frosting was unbelievable, and the cake melted in your mouth.  I thought this cupcake was the most photogenic!We are nearing the end, and we decided to save the Red Velvet cupcake for last.  I am always a huge fan of the Flying Cupcakes Red Velvet Cupcake so I was interested to see how Mode's would live up to my Red Velvet Standards.  But our second to last cupcake the S'More! It tasted just like my campfire favorite, and was complete with a toasted marshmallow on top, and a gooey marshmallow filling!  Yummy!  Mark thought this would be his favorite, and he was right.  I enjoyed the gooey marshmallow filling with the moist chocolate cake!  So good!And finally the Red Velvet, it as time to test taste one of my favorite flavors of cupcakes! The moment we have all been waiting for, did it stand up to my expectations for Red Velvet?  In a way yes and in a way no!  I missed the chocolate chunks like the Flying Cupcake uses.  But the cake was moist, and the cream cheese frosting (my favorite) just the right amount of sweet!  Cupcake tasting was a great way to end the evening, a nice sweet note to end a long day of travel.  We sat on the deck talking, and gazing at the stars.  We all looked like little techies on our Iphones looking at the stars (we have a star gazer app), and I entertained myself on my dad's new IPad!  I seriously want to get one of those!  But I am off to enjoy Secretariat with Mark, then its off to bed early!  I am just a bit tired after driving all day!  Goodnight and remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!
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