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Home Grind?

Posted by Stephen M.

No, Im not talkin bout the same old grind. I would genuinely like to hear (or read I mean) any suggestions on grinding your own flour. I know that any grain can make flour any way you want to grind it. Ive actually used a coffee grinder to make some course wheat flour. But there are things I remember about stone ground and low heat flour production from my old Woodstock days. Just can't find any more about it. A little help here please.
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Use Your Local Store. I've noticed flour grinding machines (mills, I guess) popping up in local supermarkets in the Seattle area. I bet there are some where you are, too. Look in places like Whole Foods and co-ops. When I've seen it they have whole grains for sale and you grind it yourself to the grade of your choice, much like the coffee grinder in the store. I would guess they'd frown on bringing your whole grains to the coffee aisle...
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