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Holiday Shopping!

Posted Nov 23 2011 12:00am

Hey everyone!!! I hope you are all getting ready for a nice Thanksgiving!!

I have been pretty busy lately doing school work and other typical senior stuff ;)

One thing that I have been getting up to lately though… is holiday shopping!! The holidays are SOON- and they will surely come before you know it.

I always try to get my holiday shopping done EARLY… because towards the middle of December is when school work gets CRAZY and I end up running out of time and shopping the day before Christmas Eve.. yeah, not such a fab idea!

Presents are always tough to find… but I know I can get some athletic apparel for my brother and dad and beauty products or jewelry for my mom.. pretty simple!

Zalando has been saving my butt since I can find literally everything on their website!

I’m already falling in love with their selection of running shoes - “Please, mommy and daddy?! :P

How cute are these! They’ve got a bit of a 90′s twist on them, which I LOVE

And I am definitely all over the accessories! .. I NEVER have enough wintery accessories.. so scarves, hats and gloves are MUST.. especially if you live in cold weather (aka London)!

THIS scarf  PLUS this scarf PLUS this ha t (for when I go skiing!) oh yeah.. did I mention my group of friends and I are all going to fly down together to Austria to ski later in the year!? um….party much?

*P.S- sorry for the lack of pictures- it’s not letting me upload pictures for some reason! *

Anywho- I’ve been on their website and while should be shopping for presents.. a girl can get distracted …. :P

IF you are stuck for ideas though… Here are some suggestions!

Subscription to a magazine he would like


Buy two tickets for a movie date for your mom and dad!

Make a reservation for your mom and dad at a restaurant (I’ve done this a lot and they have loved it!)

Dvds, CDs

A really nice personal card or painting.. (I’ve done both of these and they have been his favorites so far)


A mani-pedi date (with either you or your mom and her friend)

A s pa date

A I-will-take-you-shopping-and-be-your-personal-shopper date

Again, something you have personally made

oh dear.. I’m stumped on this one.. any ideas for an older brother?

Spa date

mani-pedi date

shopping spree

a movie date

a theme park date

Whatever you choose to buy or do.. make it special! Family is the most important thing in our lives and this is the time to really show your love! 

Questions of the Day:

Have you ever skied?

When do you do your holiday shopping?

Suggestions for presents for a brother?

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