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Hokkaido Black Soy Bean

Posted Nov 11 2012 9:24am
Braied Hokkaido black bean and vegetabels
Hokkaido Black bean is very tasty!!!

I make deli counter menu tag myself. I recycled my cereal beverage’s box for making these tags.

Sunday’s deli counter *Sweet potato curry croquette *Tofu Nugget w/ radish sauce *lotus root cake *Braised Hokkaido black bean and vegetables *Nyo nya curry *Whole wheat pasta w/ tomato sauce *Soy burger w/ hijiki miso sauce *Steamed vegetables dumpling *Sauteed vegetables *Pizza *Millet rice burger (shiitake burger filling, rendan curry filling) *Rainbow salad *Kerabu

One of the regular customers is always take away Bneto box. He said “I’m getting better” he feel his white hair was less than last time, He asked to me “Is it possible ?” so I answered “Yes it’s possible!”

My hand exzema and hay fever was gone after I changed my diet.

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