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Hello From Dallas!

Posted Nov 18 2013 9:00am

Hello there, and happy Monday from Dallas, Texas! I may not have had the most glamorous or exciting weekend ever (on Saturday night I went to bed at 8:00 pm – things are most definitely not wild or crazy over here) but it was a very interesting weekend nonetheless!

Once I left work on Friday around 6:30 pm, I met Fabio for some drinks before our dinner reservations at 8:00 pm. It’s very rare that Fabio and I will actually plan a date like this with a predetermined location and even reservations, but we won’t be seeing each other for a week because of my business trip to Dallas, so we decided it was a good time to go out and do something nice :)

While Fabio was walking over to the bar where we planned to meet, he saw a sign for free wine tasting at a local liquor store. When we met up he asked if I wanted to go in for some free wine, and I was more than game!

The wine tasting was really small and not very fancy, but Fabio and I spent a fun twenty minutes or so tasting different wines and talking with the owner of the liquor store about the various grapes and processes for making the wine. We left with a $15 bottle of Spanish wine from Rioja and I can’t wait to pop it open when I get back home! So fun!

After our impromptu wine tasting, Fabio and I stopped in the Mighty Pint for a quick drink before dinner. While there we coincidentally ran into our friend David and his roommate, Alex (I think that’s his name). We had a lot of fun chatting with them for about 45 minutes until it was time for our dinner reservation.

For dinner we went to Giovanni Trattu’s because I loved it so much when I went last time and I knew Fabio would enjoy it as well. He’s a HUGE fan of Italian food, and this place serves very traditional (and delicious) Italian food.


It was a good thing I made reservations because when we arrived right on time at 8:00, there was only one teeny tiny table for two open in the back and it was reserved just for us. Giovanni’s is pretty small and I guess we weren’t the only ones who thought it would be perfect for a Friday night. If you’re local to DC and ever try this place on a Friday night, make reservations! I used Open Table and it was really easy.

Fabio and I decided to keep the wine theme going and ordered a glass to enjoy with our meals.


Soon after the wine arrived we enjoyed some delicious bread and good quality olive oil. Yum! It tasted just like it did in Italy !

Check out my handsome date :) IMG_6835

Another nice thing about Giovanni’s is that it’s very authentic. The waiters at the doors greeted us in Italian and I found myself using the few Italians phrases that I know from our trips there to say things like “good evening” and “thank you.” It was like being on vacation in Italy!

For my entree I ordered some kind of ravioli (though I think it was technically called something else) stuffed with spinach and ricotta. It was delicious!


Fabio ordered the chicken parmesan which he thoroughly enjoyed as well :)

We had such a great evening together at Giovanni’s and it was the perfect send-off for my first business trip.


On Saturday morning I was essentially a nervous wreck. I’ve never traveled before for work and I rarely travel by myself, so even though I had everything packed and planned out to the last detail, I was still really anxious.

I spent the morning getting a few last items together and had a quick lunch with Fabio before it was off to the airport! I got there super early just in case the lines were long, and I made it from the car to my gate in less than 8 minutes. Whoops. Fabio wasn’t even home yet and we only live 12 minutes from the airport. Guess I didn’t need to be so early, haha!

I spent my time waiting at the gate and going over my work materials to make sure I was prepared for the first day of the conference which was on Sunday. The time flew by and before I knew it I was boarding my flight!

The flight itself was quick and easy and I was able to sleep most of the way. When I arrived in Dallas I spent hardly any time at the airport before hopping in a cab to my hotel.

I wound up sharing my cab with a sweet girl named Amy who is finishing up her PhD. It was nice to make a friend and I hope I can see her again while I’m at the conference! She is presenting a poster at the conference and is a really smart scientist. I felt kind of silly telling her I do PR and know nothing about science, but oh well. To each their own!

I checked into my hotel around 7:00 pm, and immediately FaceTimed with Fabio once I got in my room. Technology is seriously amazing these days.

After talking to Fabio he sent me this adorable picture of Jack :) Those guys sure cheer me up! Look at the tongue! Lol.


After talking with Fabio I ordered delicious room service dinner, unpacked my clothes, and hit the hay. I wanted to be nice and rested for Sunday!

P.S. I love my hotel and am planning to do a whole post on the great health/wellness options it has to offer soon. Stay tuned!


Sunday morning I woke up at 5:45 and quickly got ready so I could be out the door by 6:30. Here’s the outfit I wore:


Sorry it’s such crappy lighting!

I thought flats would be a safe choice for day one and I was right. I may wear heels a little later this week, but on Sunday I was running around trying to get a feel of where I had to be, and heels would have been pretty awful.

Most of the morning on Sunday was spent running around following my client to scientific presentations, but I did get a little down time in between a couple of the sessions in the afternoon.

I even found this awesome outdoor balcony complete with couches and little tables, so I spent about an hour or so out there just enjoying the fresh air and reviewing my work materials :) 20131117-154927.jpg

Insert awkward selfie here.


Anyway, so far this conference has been really cool and I’ve been so impressed by everything they are doing to try to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the 5K I told you guys about, there is a walking challenge at the conference and they are giving out free pedometers to the first 2,000 attendees who ask for one. They are challenging everyone to take more steps and they have leader boards on display throughout the conference. The person who takes the most steps gets some sort of prize. Pretty great, right?

I finished up my day at around 5:00 (this was the earliest I’ve finished working in MONTHS, even if it was on a Sunday) and debated wandering around downtown Dallas for a bit but decided to save that for another day.

Instead I went back to the hotel and hit the gym. While there I ran for 5 minutes on the treadmill as a warmup, and then completed an exercise from the Nike Training Club app. The workout was a mix of different boot-camp type circuit training moves, and I definitely worked some muscles that I haven’t used in a while. It was my first time using the app and I really liked it!!

After working out I planned to grab dinner in the hotel restaurant, but there was not even one other customer in there. Awkwarddddd. I immediately headed back up to my room to order room service instead, haha.

Then I spent the rest of the night relaxing in my room and talking to my family on the phone :)


Question of the day: Do you get anxious before going on a trip? Do you eat in hotel restaurants by yourself?


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