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Healthy eating for pregnancy

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:45pm
Eating well before and during pregnancy gives your baby a good start in life. There is no need to eat for two, eating a varied diet is enough. Healthy eating is no different from at any other time in your life,and simply means eating foods from all the food groups below in the quantities recommended. Try to eat regularly - three meals per day with a small snack in between is ideal to ensure you and your baby get all the nutrients you need.

Foods to Choose_ Bread, other cereals and potatoes, including rice,yam, pasta andchapatti, these foods give you energy and should make up the main part of each meal.

Fruit and Vegetables - aim to eat five or more portions per day. Fresh, frozen, tinned and juiced all count towards your five a day.

Meat, Fish and Alternatives - provide you with protein and iron. Include meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts,seeds, peas, beans or pulses twice a day.

Milk and Dairy Foods - are an important source of calcium. Aim to have three portions of these foods everyday. One portion is equivalent to:·1/3 pint milk, 1 yoghurt, 25g cheese, 1 bowl milk pudding/custard, 4slices of brown or white bread. Low and reduced fat dairy products have a similar calcium content to full fat varieties.

Foods containing fat and sugar - keep foods from this food group to a minimum.
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