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Healthy Cooking Tips - Food selections

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm 1 Comment
Snack on dried cranberries. Dried cranberries are a great addition to salads, on cereals, and in breads and muffins. Add to trail mix, or eat as a snack
Try Brussels sprouts. They add a hearty flavor to many dishes. Steam or microwave for 2 - 8 min, depending on size. Avoid buying yellow or yellow-green sprouts
Try caraway seeds. These are the small ripe fruit of the caraway plant. Add this aromatic,spicy, slightly biting flavor to salads and soups
Try edible cactus. Remove any spines and trim the eyes first. Steam for just a few minutes, and add to scrambles, omelets, and tortillas. Or enjoy them raw
Try goose. Goose meat is comparable to an all dark meat chicken in nutritional content. 100gm goose meat has 238 cal, 12.6gm fat(4.5 saturated), 28 gm protein
Try Mahi - Mahi. Also known as Dorado and Dolphin fish, it is a very low fat meat (under 1%) with firm moist texture and sweet flavor
Try yucca. Yucca is firmer than potato, contains more fiber, and provides variety to stews and soups. Plus, it is loaded with vitamin C
Use egg whites. Egg whites are a great source of pure, complete protein (albumen) without any fat
Use fresh asparagus quickly. Eat asparagus within 3 days. Don't be put off if you can smell the odorous methyl mercaptan in your urine after eating asparagus
Use organic apples. Non organic apples have high pesticide redidue, so go organic with apples
Use organic cherries. Cherries have high pesticide residue, unless they are organic. Imported cherries have less pesticide than domestically grown.
Use spring mix. (also Mesclun) a mix of young leaves from endive, dandelion, arugula, mache, radicchio, chervil, sorrel, frissee, and sometimes edible flowers
Use whole grains in mixed dishes. Add barley to vegetable soup or stews, add bulgur wheat in casseroles and stir-fries
Whole wheat meatloaf. Instead of white bread, use whole wheat bread or crackers in meatloaf
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This is an amazing list. I absolutlely love putting cranberries in my salad. One of my favorite snacks is banana and almond butter. It's healthy for your heart and is packed full of fiber.
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