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Healthy breakfast foods to follow the 17 day diet?

Posted by skullfemme Facebook

Hi everyone,

I'm a major carb addict and have been addicted to cereal ever since I can remember. I do make my own smoothies, but usually I am too tired and hungry to do so when I get up. Is anyone following the 17 day diet? I'm going to start next week and I need advice on breakfast foods.

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There's some evidence that eating eggs for breakfast can help you feel fuller, longer, so you are not hungry an hour later like when you eat cereal. If you're rushed in the morning, boil a bunch of eggs ahead of time and keep them in the fridge so you can grab and go in the morning.

If you like yogurt, try eating yogurt with a handful of nuts and a half-cup of berries. This also is a quick and protein-filled breakfast that won't make you feel hungry shortly after breakfast.

Also, if you're tired when you wake up in the morning, perhaps take a look at your sleeping habits as well as your eating patterns. 

I'm not much of a "morning eater", but smoothies made the night before have helped me in a big way. Egg white powder mixed into a smoothie gets you that wonderful protein first thing in the morning and blend it with whatever meets your fancy!
I try Delicious soup with leftover broccoli or cauliflower. If used together or alone both are equally beneficial from health point of view. It's easy and 0 point if you are following the Weight Watchers plan!
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