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Healthified Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

Posted Nov 15 2010 12:00am

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine FLEW by- why do the days go by so slowly during the week, yet on the weekends they fly by?

Nonetheless I enjoyed some yummy eats:


And some dessert loving included: 1 cup rice puffs with cinnamon, chopped apple and pear, agave

ALONG with.. peanut flour dough! (1/4 cup peanut flour mixed with some drizzles of water- SO GOOD!) and of course topped with some SF maple syrup (I love mah maple!)

My breakfast today was the BOMB-DIGGITY! It was protein packed and kept me satsified and evergized ALL day without feeling tired or ravenous! I’m telling you guys breakfast is seriously the most important meal of the day. Try to have a carb, protein and fruit- it really does keep your hunger levels in check and you won’t end up craving carbo loaded sugary stuff! I always make breakfast my biggest and most substantial meal of the day and it makes me feel great all day! Today’s was especially protein packed:

This bowl included: 1/3 cup oats, water, vanilla extract, 2 egg whites (microwave 2 minutes) top with 1tbsp ground flax, cinnamon, 1 fresh fig, 1/2 slice of Low Carb Protein Sweet Bread , SF maple syrup and a spoonful of PB! SO YUMMY

After class I went out for a nice run! It was super cold and chilly but once I got started, I warmed up! I went for 40 minutes and enjoyed the cool, fresh air!

Today’s lunch was the usual veggie extravaganza with my special sauce (light mayo and mustard microwaved for 20 seconds!) I’ve decided I’m going to call this the MnM Platter from now on because I pretty much have one of these every day!

On the platter today we have: 1/2 carrot, cherry tomatoes, two slices wafer thin chicken, 1 light laughing cow wedge, grilled asparagus, mushrooms and broccoli, brussel sprouts (naturally) and a pickle!

This afternoon I had a lot of work to do… :( but I took a break to create THE most amazing snack ever. I’d been dreaming about this all day and was excited to get my creative juices working. Be ready for healthified Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup Greek yogurt (I used Fage 0%) (FROZEN- freeze the night before!)

Vanilla extract

Some liquid (milk or water will do)

a blender

Peanut Flour OR Some flavor of protein powder (I used peanut flour- I was feeling peanut-ty today!)

SF Maple syrup OR agave OR healthified chocolate sauce (cocoa powder with little bit of water)

Sweetener to taste

OK first prepare your frozen yogurt the night before by mixing it with some sweetener or extract to sweeten it up (unless you like it tart!)

The next day: take your frozen yogurt cup and microwave for about 30sec to 1min just to loosen it up a tad

Put it in the blender with a splash of water or milk, vanilla extract

BLEND BLEND BLEND- until it becomes smooth and creamy! (DIY soft serve!)

Meanwhile- take 1 scoop of protein powder or 1/4 cup peanut flour and make some dough (little splashes of water until you get this consistancy:

You can also add some cocoa nibs or carob chips to the dough if you like!

Then roll the dough into little ‘cookie dough bites’ and place on top of the soft serve, top with healthified chocolate sauce, SF maple syrup or agave (whatever floats your boat!) and sprinkle some cinnamon, cocoa nibs or cocoa powder on top (the possibilities are endless!)

AND TADA- you will have Healthified Cookie Dough Ice Cream

GUYS- this was seriously tasty. You have the cold,smooth and creamy goodness of ice cream with doughy bites- but this is 10000x healthier! The best part? this is PROTEIN PACKED- the greek yogurt and peanut flour/protein powder gives this dish 32g of protein!

Well I’m done for the night! Going to catch up on some blogs and watch some tv- hope you all had a lovely monday!

Do you guys have any healthified versions of foods you like to make?

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