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Health in Pears

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:45pm

One medium pear provides 6 grams of dietary fiber, of which 41% is pectin.
Fresh pears are packed with potassium, enjoy one before or after a workout!

The following information is based on USDA Nutrition Facts for one pear serving - a medium-size pear weighing 166 grams or about the size of an average adult fist.

Pears are an excellent source of natural dietary fiber. One pear will give you 24% of your recommended daily allowance of fiber.
Fiber contains no calories, and is a necessary element of a healthy diet as it helps sustain blood sugar levels and promotes regularity.

Pectin is a type of soluble fiber that binds to fatty substances in the digestive tract and promotes their elimination. This seems to help lower blood cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber also helps regulate the body's use of sugars.

Studies indicate that diets high in fiber may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

How do pears rank on the Glycemic Index?
Pears have 26 net grams of carbs. The carbohydrates in a pear are low on the glycemic index and have a low glycemic load. This basically means that the carbs in pears are slow to convert to sugar and enter the bloodstream. Pears are a good choice for getting healthy carbs.

Vitamin C:

Fresh pears are a good source for Vitamin C. One fresh pear contains 10% of the RDA for Vitamin C (also called ascorbic acid).

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant for normal metabolism and tissue repair, and helps prevent free radical damage (destructive by-products of the body's metabolic process). Vitamin C promotes healing of cuts and bruises and helps guard against a number of infectious diseases.


Fresh pears offer 5% of the recommended daily allowance (190 mg of potassium) per serving.

Recipe for getting fit and getting healthy.
Breakfast Pear Parfait

Serve yourself 1/2 cup plain oat cereal and 1/2 cup honey oat cereal. Top mixture with 1/2 cup pared and diced pears and 1/2 cup low fat yogurt.

Pear Honey

1/2 cup cored, pared, and coarsely chopped fresh USA pear
1/2 cup water
3 oz orange juice
1/2 oz honey
1 egg yolk


In blender, combine all the ingredients and puree until smooth. Pour into chilled glass and serve.
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