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Healing Turmeric Milk

Posted Jan 19 2013 2:22pm
on by healthymama

I am a believer in the healing science of Ayurveda and its methods to keep one’s family healthy. When I saw the recipe for healing turmeric milk, I thought to give it a try for two reasons: turmeric has been linked to healing a large array of ailments and this funny yellow milk was something new to try.

I made the turmeric milk, using almond milk , but you can try any other non-dairy milk or cow’s milk ( I only recommend using raw cow’s milk, if you have access and interest.) The smell of delicious spices filled the kitchen and soon all kids came to gather around my turmeric milk pot. When we tasted the milk, it was one of those “aha moments.” You can tell an ancient recipe that’s been going from generation to generation, simply by tasting it. The smell and the flavor of it hold history and you can taste it in every sip and every bite. This is one of these recipes. Turmeric milk is not just delicious, you can feel its warming and healing effect just by tasting it.

This milk has been used for centuries to cure digestive ailments, as well as bacterial and viral infections. The milk takes only 3  minutes to make and the kids love it: you have to try it!

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