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Happy First Birthday, Sense and Serendipity

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:02pm
Jesus said...I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). John 10:10 - AmplifiedBible

Spring Awakening in November - Mango Blossoms. Everyday is a new day.

Happy Birthday, Happy BlogDay, Happy Blog Anniversary, Happy Blogniversary - whatever you call it, my blog is now one year old. WOW!! I never thought I would last one year in blogging. It was definitely a challenging journey but it was also fun and rewarding. I really have no plans to create my own blog until Jehan, a friend of mine encouraged me to start one. She said that it is not for the whole world to read but more for me. And she’s right. I launched this blog a year ago for myself and shared it with a few of my close friends and people I trust. With the help of my sister Susana, my brother-in-law Carl and my newly-wed brother Anthony, I was able to create this blog with a new hope and a dream.

When I came back home more 6 years ago from Canada, my life was never the same. When I learned that dad was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and my post-employment work visa is about to expire, I have no choice but to go home. I took care of dad for almost four years until he died. Although it has been such an honor to take care of my father, I felt that my life’s course, once a swift flowing current became a stagnant pool. Everything stopped. While I already submitted my application for permanent residence visa to the Canadian embassy, my future is still uncertain. When dad died more than two years ago (July 4, 2007), I decided to take a correspondence course in Natural Nutrition and look after mom for awhile. As much as I want to take that course in Canada, the embassy is taking too long to reply until they denied my visa last November 2008 (after launching my blog) and was rejected again this year when I wrote a letter of petition to the embassy. I was denied after waiting for four and a half years. Ouch!!!

Coming soon!!

Three months later a friend of mine asked me to teach health and nutrition in his culinary school in Cebu City. I have to turn it down because of family reasons. But I could also sense a deep calling by God to move there. I was disappointed because this would be an opportunity for me to get to know the other beautiful places in the Philippines.

I stopped blogging for the month of April and May after I turned down the job from Cebu City. I was depressed because God answered no to all of my prayers. I think you know what that felt like. Being unemployed for six long and tedious years is not something I wanted to happen in my life. You could say that looking for a job is quite challenging most especially when you are faced with many competitors in the food industry while your self-esteem and self-confidence has plunge down the drain.

I forced myself to blog again last June and post a topic or a recipe one at a time. I honestly wasn’t really having fun at all but I did my best. I tried to blog about twice or thrice a week until it became consistent. There were times that I may have missed a week of blogging, but I have written drafts that I plan to publish in the near future.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". Jeremiah 29:11 - NIV

I wouldn’t be receiving a lot of comments ( I hope I didn’t force you) and loyal readers (anyone?) on my blog if Steve Ellis, a good friend and producer of Rouxbe Online Cooking School didn’t ask me to sign up for Foodbuzz. When I signed up for Foodbuzz and accepted friend requests from other food bloggers, that’s the time I received more remarks and emails from other blogs. Although my goal is not to accumulate as much readers and comments as I can, my purpose in creating this blog (aside from doing it for me) is to help and inspire other people about health and nutrition through my passion and enthusiasm in food and cooking. Much credit also goes to Joe Girard, Dawn Thomas and Kimberley Slobodian also from Rouxbe Online Cooking School for teaching me how to write a step-by-step recipe the Rouxbe-way (still perfecting it) and for their continued support even before I started this blog. And then there’s my brother-in-law Joyren who lend me his wonderful camera when someone borrowed mine, my sister Rowena for delivering her husband’s camera to our house, my mom who has provided some financial support for this blog and of course, my late- dad who has been and will continue to be a great inspiration for the days and years to come.

A slice of the wedding cake - Carrot and Walnut Cake - and now my blog's birthday cake.

Another occasion to celebrate was my brother’s wedding last Sunday. We were all busy last week that I’ve forgotten that I’ve been blogging for almost a year until I remembered it a few days a go. Since there were a lot of leftovers from the event, a huge cake and some pastries, I decided not to bake anything for my blog except for some coconut-pineapple muffins that I’m working on last Tuesday. To celebrate my brother’s wedding and my blog’s first birthday, I chose to have a Carrot and Walnut cake from Mandarin Oriental Hotel and of course the muffins.

My brother's wedding, November 8, 2009. Check out my cute nephew Joshua in front of me.

My situation is still the same but I’m still blogging. I think blogging is my way of getting to know myself even better, my escape to the realities of this world, a medium to share my whispering thoughts, a means to clarify my direction in life and my vision to create the life I really wanted. I hope new doors of great opportunity will open, not only on the web but also in my actual life right now (yes, I need a real job with the creative work I desire).

Gluten-Free Coconut-Pineapple Muffins(sans the birthday candle)

For those of you who are constantly reading my blog, those who love it, those who are new, those who learned from it and everyone who stumbled into this site including all the food bloggers that I’ve met, I just want you to know that your support, comments, questions and even suggestions means more than a lot to me. Words are not enough for me to say thank you. I hope this blog became a blessing in your life and will continue to do so.

Here’s to a more favorable and fruitful sense and serendipitous year!!

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