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Guiltless, Glutenless, Dairyless, Eggless...Puddin'!

Posted May 01 2010 6:05am
Again here’s another simple recipe. This, actually, is a dessert. Since the hot weather has hit, I crave cold sweets like frozen fruit, ice cream, and pudding. For some reason I’ve been on a massive pudding kick. I’ve been testing recipes here and there in hopes to achieve the perfect formula. And I have finally met succession. At first, I’ve tried the cornstarch method but in doing so I could hardly ever reach the same consistency. Either too hard or too soft, where it doesn’t even set. I gave up - until I got a stupidly simple idea.

Dur - tofu. What are the soy puddings made out of? Tofu. Y’know, those silly little on the shelf SoyPudding cups that are like five bucks for four measly little cups? Yeah. So I just threw a block of light silken tofu in the blender, added artificial sugar, vanilla flavoring and pureed. I topped it with fruit and I was in heaven.

It wasn’t pudding. No, it was mousse. It was so light and fluffy and filling - oh god. Did I mention guilt free?

My husband had a lick of it and said it was really good. When I told him it was tofu, he stared at me and walked away. Ha! He’s something sometimes. I’ve made this in several varaitions but, of course, vanilla is my all time favorite. With one block, I get two servings or one if I didn’t eat much (because of work) and I feel I can spare the calories. In total, the whole thing (without additions) comes to 120, which can be less than ½ cup of the nondairy ice cream on the shelves. When I do eat this though, I limit my soy intake for a bit so I don’t overload.

So for about 4 bucks, I get three boxes of tofu, where I get six servings as opposed to 4 with five of a small thing that has nearly five times the sugar content and same amount of calories. That’s how I look at things. So, if you aren’t allergic to soy, indulge a little. Make banana pudding, chocolate pudding, any pudding of your delight, you can do it. Heck, I can now have parfaits again yay! The soy yogurt, being made with yogurt cultures, sill burns my stomach so I can’t do it. This also, to me, is more satisfying. So, have fun.

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