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Guest Post: 4 Foolproof Ways to Be More Productive and Healthy

Posted Jan 28 2013 3:26am

My friends, you are in for quite a treat today. The amazingly fantastic Kyra of Scribbles and Sprinkles is gracing us with some no-fail tactics to actually stick to the new year’s resolutions and be more productive while I celebrate the end of my mid-terms . Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for…

Hey, fellow Foodie Fiasco readers! It’s Kyra here from  Scribbles & Sprinkles , just saying a quick “hello”. I’ve been given the absolute pleasure by the lovely Kelly to do a guest post here today. Like many of you, I’ve been a Foodie Fiasco fan for, well, who knows how long right? When I finally found some coconut flour here in New Zealand (in case you don’t know where it is, it’s in the middle of nowhere), I was so keen to try out a whole bucket list of Kelly’s recipes! So I’m so privileged to come over here today to have a little chat with everyone.


I understand that many of you readers are probably undergoing some exams and stressful studies. Believe me,  I have had my shares of that.  All power to you, dear reader. But maybe it’s not just the students feeling the stressful times. It could be you going back to work after that long relaxing holiday. Whatever we may be up to, we all need that slight boost in motivation. Especially for someone like me, with high procrastination tendencies.


In times like these, sometimes productivity seems impossible! I start hearing myself reasoning with myself, which gets kinda creepy.

Need a little help? Let me give some hints. Here are Kyra’s Keys to Keep Motivated!


1. Have a kick-butt start.
I find that usually, when I decide to just go and just accomplish tasks in mini chunks (like, “Okay, just open your books.” “Good, now take your pen.”), it gets the ball rolling!
Maybe have a kick-butt breakfast along with it! Like some  two-ingredient pumpkin pancakes?


2. Stay energized!
Fuel yourself throughout the time of stress or study! Keep the atmosphere alive, and not too solemn that you could just drop down and take a nap. I find music helps a lot for me. And I always have a snack around! Maybe some  sweet potato coconut donuts  could do the trick.



3. Take a breather. *breathes*
Well done for completing 8 hours of intense studying – good for you, you hardworking student! Don’t work too hard though, otherwise you’ll find your stress levels to be intolerable! Have scheduled breaks. Take it easy,  doodle a little , and de-stress for a few minutes, then get straight into it!
And while you’re at it, how about having a  minute microwave cake ?


4. Reward yourself.
After that long session of industrious, determined hard work, a lot of us forget to pat ourselves on the back! Even if you didn’t get to do everything you had hoped for, acknowledge the things you did accomplish, cause it’s better than nothing! Doing the minimum and being consistent is definitely better than doing nothing at all.
So go on, reward yourself with some  grain-free {chickpea} cookies!



I really wish all the students out there the best for your exams. And to those under the same stressful circumstances – all power to you too! I hope you enjoyed this little post, and I’d love to see you all over at  my little blogging space  too!


Lots of cyber~hugs, Kyra ♡ (:


Isn’t Kyra incredible? Thank you so much for the wonderful post, my dear! I’ll have to apply these tips to my own resolutions  and my personal study approach.  Thank you everyone for your patience through this exam craziness; we should be back to regularly scheduled content before you know it. Happy Monday!



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