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Grapefruit Chocolatey Sensation

Posted Sep 16 2009 4:46pm
More recent, I’ve been suffering from ungodly heartburn mostly because of contamination and stress/anxiety. It isn’t easy being thrown into the world of commitment and I don’t want to fall down without the ability to get up. I don’t want to end up becoming bankrupt nor do I want to end up jipped in the long run. In addition to getting married in November, Phillip and I are buying a house. Yes, we’re buying a house. Apparently, according to his mother, we need tom live alone once we’re married so, yesterday, we signed a contract on a house that we’ve been looking at. It’s a small thing, about 1000 sqft. Has three beds, one and a half bath, kitchen and living room. The kitchen is a nice size, but, since there isn’t any other room in the house nor a basement, we have to have the washer-dryer in there. We can close it off, however, so it’s not so bad. The next options are appliances: what do I get? Well, since we have to have a stackable washer-dryer to free up space, that limit’s the product range to the cheapest one available. I’m also limited to Sears since that’s where the constructor’s discount applies. I just have to pay off the difference if there is any.

My mother-in-law is getting the refrigerator for a wedding present - yay! It’s nice and huge and perfect for our purpose. The dishwasher is basic. As long as it sanitizes, I’m satisfied. I grew up in a home that used good ol’ hands for washing dishes and that’s what I’m used to. So, I can really care less about the dish washer, save for sanitation purposes and for the health inspector to approve my kitchen. The last and most important appliance in my kitchen is the stove/range/oven. What do I get? Gas or electric? Coils, induction, or burners? Scratch that, what can I afford? According to, so far, our quotes on AmeriGas, it’ll be 25 bucks a month for gas or more, depending on how often I cook. Maybe I’d double that and that’s for a 100 lb tank. I thought it was impractical; however, that’s applying to a gas bill and deducting from the electric bill because its running on a different means of power. It IS practical and I miss my gas. I’ve been taring out my hair trying to debate which is the most practical less expensive means of cooking without regarding my preference. I love gas. I’ve cooked on four types of cook tops: gas in Philadelphia, coils at Phillip’s old college apartment, radiant here, and induction at work. I love gas. It is the best transference of heat, even cooking on all types of pots and pans, and part of me is just accustomed to it.

The other half is disgusted at the radiant in the kitchen here and how, on uneven pans, it won’t boil worth a *beep*.

So, I think that’s what I’m going to do - gas - and the first two tanks are free by AmeriGas, so, that’s always a plus.
Well, today was also going to be my class. Yes, was, I say. Why? Because uhm, I couldn’t get someone to help me, so, my class had to be canceled. Bites, doesn’t it? Yeah. I’ll have to reschedule next month at some point when I’m not busy with wedding stuff. God. That’s the other thing I needed. Trying to scramble crap together for my wedding. If it’s not the house, it’s the wedding. If it’s neither of those two, it’s either work or school. I want a vacation, rather, I want to elope and save money. Yeah, that works.

Because my class was canceled, my time can be applied to visiting my former cake decorating instructor since she needs to give me my final certificate. So, of course, I asked her what type of cake she wanted me to make her and her response was: “Something with fruit. I like citrus especially”. Well then, citrus it is. With chocolate. And, thus, the cake was born. A grapefruit chocolate cake with a honey butter cream. Decorating, again, felt great. It didn’t turn out 100% the way I wanted it to, but, I was short on time. If I did have more time, I would have made fondant lilies as opposed to simple drop flowers. I know she’ll understand. She’s as hectic as I am on most days.

Still, even if the appearance isn’t godly, the taste nearly floored my mother in law. So, I’d assume it was a good cake. I know I’m behind on some recipes, but, I’ll eventually get them up - I swear. I just need a day off to do NOTHING. I long for a day like that..Sigh.
Chocolate Grapefruit Cake
w/ honey butter cream
¼ cup buckwheat flour
½ cup tapioca starch
2/3 cup rice flour
1/3 cup cocoa powder
¾ cup sugar
1 tsp xanthan gum
1 tsp cream of tartar
1 tbsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt

3 eggs, beaten
¼ cup ruby red grapefruit juice
4 oz vanilla yogurt
¼ cup oil
Zest of 1 grapefruit

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Spray two 8” cake pans.

Sift all the ingredients into one bowl, especially assuring that the cocoa powder is lump free. Sometimes when it is packed tightly in the container it gets all lumpy.

In another bowl, beat the eggs followed by the addition of the oil, yogurt, and grapefruit juice and zest.
Gradually add the liquids to the dry ingredients. Mix until well combined.

Pour the batter evenly between the pans and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Remove from the oven and let cool.

Honey Buttercream
1 lb confectioner’s or powdered sugar
1 cup Crisco
2 tbsp clover honey
1 tbsp meringue powder
Approx. ¼ cup water

Trust me and use a Kitchen Aid or other heavy duty mixer.

Beat the honey and the Crisco until light and fluffy. Gradually add the meringue powder and sugar.

Add the water a little of a time and adjust according to the texture that you wish. If you want, say, a thicker frosting, use less water as opposed to a thinner frosting, you would add more. The honey, however, makes the frosting a little stickier, so don't fret if it feels really thick at first.

Since you need a crumb coat, after you achieve a median of frosting consistency, take some out and thin it down to coat the cake and adhere all the crumbs to the cake.

After that, coat the rest of the cake. Depending on how much icing you desire, you may have to double the recipe, as I did, unless you choose an alternative filling, say, a pudding for example; or, if you choose to do the crumb coat with a jam/jelly instead. I suggest even using a marmalade for a crumb coat. That would be good and make it an entire citrus cake.

Decorate as desired, once the frosting is made and enjoy in the fudgy chocolately citrusy goodness..Oh the scraps were good.
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