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Good Laughs, and Good Eats

Posted Jun 06 2011 11:02pm
Good Evening!  We had a very hot and packed day here in Minnesota!  I had a meet and greet type thing at the Mayo Clinic, and while I was there my mom took Mark around downtown Rochester!  Needless to say after getting up at 7 this morning I am a bit tired tonight, and the heat definitely did not help!  However we had a wonderful dinner out on the deck, and are enjoying a relaxing evening.  Mark is reading a new book, we are watching hockey, and just being bums!  Great night!

On a side note before we discuss dinner Mark and I tried riding one of these tonight!
You see tomorrow we are headed down to Lanesboro Minnesota for some bike riding.  I grew up riding bikes with my family, we would spend many a summer afternoon on long bike rides.  My family owns two tandem bikes, so I thought it would be fun if Mark and I tried to ride one together.  If you were watching Mark and I attempt to start riding the tandem bike you would have gotten a pretty good laugh in.  I mean I was laughing at us as we tried to start out, it was quite the sight.  
Anyways lets discuss dinner!  Mark and I decided that we would make our amazing Burrito bowls for dinner tonight.  We made an amazing BBQ chicken burrito bowl tonight (and mine was insanely spicy).  Mark and I both agreed that this was one of our better batches of BBQ chicken.  My mom enjoyed dinner too.  We all were definitely satisfied after dinner!
I prepared a homemade salsa earlier in the afternoon, so the flavors had plenty of time to mix and mingle before we ate!  I think this was one of my better batches.  Not to spicy, but had a nice kick at the end!  
Here is what you will need:Homemade Salsa4 Small Fresh Tomatoes4-5 Sweet Red, Yellow and Orange Peppers1/4 Cup Red Onion 1/2 Cup Corn 3 Cilantro Cubes (like the basil cubes I usually use)Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Red Pepper Flakes, and Chili Powder to taste
Here is what you will do:Cut up all your fresh veggies in a medium bowl, then season with cilantro and other spices.  Stir to combine!  If you like your salsa with lots of chunks then your salsa is done.  However I was making salsa for my mom and Mark and they do not like huge chunks!  I simply used a hand blender and pureed the salsa till it was almost smooth.  Which gave me salsa that looked like this,  After I blended the salsa I threw in the corn and popped the salsa in the fridge till dinner!
Now lets talk about the base for these yummy BBQ burrito bowls!Here is what you will need:BBQ Burrito Bowls3 Chicken Breast 1 Cup Frozen Corn 5 Sweet Red, Yellow, and Orange Peppers1/2 Cup Red Onion Generous Amount of BBQ Sauce (we like it saucy, and used a Trader Joe's BBQ sauce)Paprika, Red Pepper Flakes, Salt, and Pepper to Taste1/2 Cup Rice1/2 Cup Quinoa Lettuce (optional)Cheese (for sprinkling on top)Sour Cream (optional)Beans (optional)
Mark worked on cleaning the chicken and getting it ready to saute while I got the pots of quinoa and rice going.   I then set to work cutting the veggies and getting them ready for the chicken!  See,  Mark finished cleaning the chicken, seasoned it and started cooking! I love that I don't have to touch raw meat!  Raw meat sort of grosses me out! When the chicken was close to being fully cooked Mark added someBBQ sauce and finished cooking the chicken.  The chicken looks so good!  I love the smell of BBQ sauce as it cooks When the chicken was done cooking we added the veggies,  mixed them in and cooked the mixture until the veggies were tender!  While all of this was taking place, I was busy setting out bowls of lettuce, sour cream, cheese, the rice, quinoa and salsa for dinner!  When everything was set out on the table we set to work preparing our bowls. 
In my mix was a small layer of quinoa in the bottom topped with lots of fresh lettuce, a little chicken, a spoonful of beans, and lots of salsa and hot sauce!
How good does that look?   The nice thing about the burrito bowl is there is no wrong way to make yours!  You can add as little or as much of everything as you want, and each time you make them they turn out a little different.  This is a great go to dish, and Mark and I make these burrito bowls almost as much as we make Stir Fry!  An added bonus is wee have lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow!  There is also a lot of left over quinoa, I am currently looking for inspiration for a quinoa breakfast porridge!  I may eat the quinoa like I do oatmeal, I have not decided yet!  
I am off to enjoy the evening, we have a full day tomorrow with running, and biking in Lanesboro!  The best part about going to Lanesboro is you bike 4.5 miles get a slice of amazing pie and then bike the 4.5 miles back!  I will make sure to take lots of pictures!  Enjoy your night and remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!
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