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Gluten Free Recipes?

Posted by Kristy V.

Hi there. Does anyone have any GOOD gluten free recipes? I have tried a few, and find many of then pretty gross. Anybody have any good ones, or tips on the best flours, etc. to use?
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I dont have any specific recipes, but i know a site that does:


use this code for a huge discount: PIZ355. Enjoy! My fav are Gluten-Free crackers. Ummm! delicious 

Hmmm. I think that the reason that you are finding gluten free recipes "gross" is because you are trying to eat "almost" the same foods that you did before you went gluten free. Kind of like when vegetarians eat "tofurky" and vege sausages.

When I went gluten free, I found that every single recipe book that I already had, has TONS of great gluten free recipes that are really just "recipes". 

 If you start thinking of gluten free as simply eating wholesome REAL unadulterated foods, then it's actually pretty easy and tastes good to be gluten free. But if you still try to eat cakes, cookies and pastries then you will be disappointed. 

If you have just found out that you are gluten intolerant, then it's likely that you need to HEAL your digestive tract, not JUST go gluten free. You have not JUST become gluten intolerant. You have been gluten intolerant for YEARS and it has caused significant damage. If you eat whole, unprocessed real foods that are healthy and have lots of good quality protein then you can heal the damage. You'll also begin to stop craving the bad for you foods and feel a lot better.

Good luck,

Kerri Knox, RN

Functional Medicine Practitioner

What kind of recipes are you looking for?  I've got some. I'm finding that I really can eat just about everything I used to eat before going gluten free. 

As far as flours, I find that combinations of non-gluten flours work best. My favorite is the one in the food allergy gourmet cookbook.  There are other good ones out there too. If your flour mixture doesn't include xanthan gum or guar gum and it's not otherwise in your recipe, you'll need to add about 1 tsp per cup of flour to keep your baked goods moist.

Another good place to find recipes and other food allergy information is Living Without: Trader Joe's has a delicious gluten free brownie mix. Namaste and Gluten Free Pantry have a number of delicious mixes as well. I get them at Whole Foods and Safeway.

Great point Kerri! I will certainly look at things with a different perspective. Luckily, I am not trying to eat this way to alieve any symptoms of gluten intolerance, but I would like to eat healthier, and of course, this does mean letting go of those cookies, pastries, brownies..... I am a Nutrition and Food Sciences major and we are getting the awareness out, as October is Celiac Awareness Month. We were doing a bake sale and I was unable to come up with anything "good". I will continue to investigate these recipes and this way of eating as a lifestyle change. Thanks again!

Thanks Lisa! I'll experiment with your ideas.

Hi there.  I run a site for "normal" recipes that are gluten free.

at .  

I specialize in family-style / frugal recipes.  And just recently I'm starting to add nutritional information and weight watcher points to each recipe. Probably a blog, mine or others, is a good place to start, because I've taken the receipes from recipe zaar and tested them myself.  If we love them, and USE them, then I post them on my blog.  By using blogs, you'll get people's real opinions.  :)


Good luck with your search!  

Hey there!  I just saw your post and have the PERFECT site for you to go to for Gluten Free Recipes!  Check out where we specialize in Gluten Free Baked Goods, Recipes, Gift Baskets & More!  There is a link on our home page which will take you directly to our Recipes.  We add new ones every first & third Friday of the month.  Hope you like them--we only post the extraordinary ones!


Co-Founder of Charis Creations 

Thanks everyone; I have really been enjoying all of your great advice and website recommendations!

I convert all my old recipes to gluten-free here:


I also have a bunch of links on the side to other gluten-free sites.  


I found a cookbook I really like with several "gluten free" recipes along with other "natural" recipes.  Its an ebook, which is good be cause you can just print off what recipe you want.  I purchased it from this link

Hope you find what you're looking for.



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