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Get back on track!

Posted Nov 29 2010 3:30pm
Well, I'm back from a great trip to Tennessee.  I got to visit my awesome sister and her beautiful daughter.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well.  I think I'm still full.  Here's how our dinner turned out...
I'm a little ashamed of all the desserts BUT they were so so SO GOOD!

But now it's back to reality.  I know my blog is all about eating healthy but I believe in "cheating" every once in awhile.  It's ok to get off track as long as you get back on.  Here's what I'm thinking of doing.  You don't have to take my advice by any means but it's something I like to do every once in awhile.  I've gotten off the deep end a couple of times (okay, maybe a hundred :-/ )  BUT, I realize what I'm doing and I try to reverse it.  I feel better when I cleanse my body.  Yes, it's a cleanse alright.  You will be going to the bathroom A LOT!  Check out  They have a products section that you can buy for your detox.  It'll require 3 shakes a day, (these will replace your meals) 2 bars, and 2 fruits and veggies a day.  You'll continue this for 5 days.  I've done this before and I'm about to try it again.  I have not gotten hungry from doing this.  The shakes are actually good and sometimes I like to blend in various fruits with it.  My personal favorite is chocolate (yes ladies, CHOCOLATE).

As far as the bars go, I like the Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Even after the cleanse, it's great to continue.  I like using the shakes in the morning to start my metabolism.  The bars are great to keep in your purse for a snack in the middle of the day.  I love this cleanse because not only does it cleanse your body, but it gets me off my addiction of sugar.  Consider it!  As one person I go through 2 bags of the shakes, and 1 box of the bars.   I've lost 1 lb. a day from it.  These shakes give me energy because of all the nutrients it contains.   Good luck!

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