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Futbol & Friday

Posted Jul 03 2010 3:10pm
The reason this post is happening so late is because I have spent the entire day watching sports.

Who are you and what have you done with Sarah? Someone go call the police. Or a psychiatrist. Or the cast of Without a Trace.

Yes, yes...I realize that the phrase "I was busy watching sports" coming out of my mouth is a bit like me saying, "I hate reality television": totally incongruous, confusing, and going against everything you thought you knew.

But it's true.

I even turned away from my traditional "first-thing fitness" routine of hitting the gym first thing in the morning in order to go to a bar and watch a game. At 8:45 in the morning.

Before you think I've not only been kidnapped, but perhaps replaced by an alien imposter, you can rescind your request for a visit from Sculley and Mulder, because it's really me. I have not been abducted by aliens....just swayed by soccer!
We started the day at Takoba, where I had my first breakfast taco ever! [This is really only shocking/exciting if you are an Austinite, and understand that to live and eat in Austin means to become very familiar with the delicacy known as "the breakfast taco."]
Yes, it was delicious. I chose egg, napoles (cactus), and chorizo, on an incredible (warm and soft) flour tortilla, with a side of the salsa verde con aguacate (a green salsa made of tomatillo, jalapeno, and avocado).
Seriously, y'all. This was incredible. I found myself saying, "I can never be a vegetarian now, due to this chorizo experience." There was no grease at all, and everything tasted fresh and perfectly seasoned...not to mention that the salsa was the perfect accompaniment. Also a perfect accompaniment? This incredible side of fruit, with perfectly ripe mango, green apple, pear, sweet strawberries, and blueberries.
In case you were wondering, yes, the apple dipped in the salsa verde was, in fact, amazing.
Since the only person who worries that I'm dead when I am late at blog posting was with me (Surprisingly not my mother, but Cara , who in the photo above is looking either thoughtful, or as though she is about to put me in a corner for disobeying...), I wasn't too concerned about not blogging this morning. Hopefully you didn't miss me too much.
We were all happy campers [er, futbol fans?]...well, at least until Argentina lost to Germany. I always go for the Spanish-speaking team (yeah, I's like picking a president based on who wears better ties).

It was OK, however, because Spain was playing just two hours later.

Now, I actually do love the Spanish futbol team. Not that I spend time actually watching games or anything, or even know any of the players names, but it all goes back, once again, to my time at the Spanish Language School (La Escuela Espanola) at Middlebury [I realize I have been referencing this a lot lately. Isn't it weird how something you don't think of as incredibly significant at the time suddenly seems to have major (or minor) impact on your life?] That summer, I had my first introduction to the world of futbol as an international phenomenon when Spain played Germany in the Eurocopa, which is like the World Cup, but, for, well, Europe. [I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, I promise.] We were allowed to watch the game, in Spanish, and because many of the professors, and a good number of the students, were Spanish and/or had spent time in Spain, I had the opportunity to actually watch the game with true, wearing-the-flag-as-a-cape, fans. Watching them cheer for "Espana! Espana!" was the most excited I have ever been about a sports game before (aside from a few memorable college football--the American kind--in college), and ever since then, I have secretly aligned myself with Spain in the world of futbol.

Also, it doesn't hurt that the Spanish team is, to paraphrase Derek Zoolander, really really ridiculously good-looking.
After the Argentina game, and fitting in a workout and dropping off a resume, I frantically tried to find parking downtown, nervous I was going to miss the game (again I say, who am I?)...but I made it to Cuatros just in time.
In time for the last-minute (well last ten-minutes) goal that won the game for Spain!
(These are actually my friends, I promise. I don't just take random pictures of strangers and put them on the blog. Not too often, anyway.)

Now I am super-psyched for Spain v. Germany, and there are going to be some intense battle lines drawn. I don't know who this new person is that has taken over my body, but I can't wait to watch Spain beat the pulp out of the Germans.

--But Sarah, don't you have German ancestry?
Yes, that is true. But forget my ancestry, VIVA ESPANA!

In another case of the crazies, I managed to forget to eat lunch. So by the time I got home, I entered a state of "What's in the fridge I can put together into a sensible meal incredibly quickly so I don't fall over or succumb to simply eating a pint of ice cream and/or the whole jar of almond butter?"

I came up with this Romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, the last of my leftover Tempeh "burgers," and some artichoke hearts.
Delicious, really. I also had not one, but two Diet Grapefruit sodas (Safeway's imitation Fresca)...I know, I know: Bad, Sarah! well as some undocumented carrots, pineapple, pretzels, and nut butter. I am about to go back for more.

Instead of showing you that, I will show you my Friday foodiness
Breakfast: Tropical Overnight Oats in a bug that is from that same summer at Middlebury I keep talking about (unplanned connection, but strange yet again), with mango, pineapple, kiwi, and (no, not grated cheese) some shredded coconut.
Lunch: A crudite assortment, served with the remaining Green Apple & Pear Tomatillo Salsa that I mixed with black & pinto beans and topped with some feta cheese, along with some un-photographed Blue Ginger Multigrain Brown Rice Chips.
Dinner: Romaine salad with peas, corn-from-the-cob, a ton of green and red bell pepper, mushrooms, and some Spicy Quinoa Loaf .
I made an impromptu BBQ Vinaigrette by mixing some red wine vinegar with bbq sauce. Pretty good, but I had to add some salsa, too. I also put cumin on the whole thing (seriously, yumtastic).
Additionally, I ate the remains of my Juan Canary Melon, some frozen yogurt, and sad a fond farewell to the TJs Sunflower Seed Butter (which I was only able to do since I have a whole new jar in the pantry from my care package from Liz!)
Okie dokie, to spend some more time with friends, potentially some pre-Fourth fireworks, and other fun-ness. :)
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