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Fun Finds Friday: Vegetarian Edition!…

Posted Apr 12 2013 6:48am

Hi there!  Happy Friday to you!!!  Yay, its finally Friday!  What are you doing this weekend?  I have to bring my car in to have a part replaced tomorrow.  I’m so thankful that it’s under warranty and that I don’t have to pay for anything.  That makes me a happy girl!  We are also looking at a bunch of houses tomorrow.  I’m hoping that we might find “the one” tomorrow.  We shall see though.  A lot of houses have been a huge letdown but I have a different kind of feeling about tomorrow.  Only time will tell!  I would also like to get to Trader Joe’s at some point this weekend.  Sadly, the closest one is about 30 minutes away from me.  I wish they would open one much closer.  It’s such a pain!  I’m jealous of all of you that have one very close to your home.

So today is another edition of Fun Finds Friday!  I missed last week because I was away. Today I want to feature fun vegetarian food items that I have noticed and think you might like!  Let’s begin!

Gardein Mandarian Orange Crispy Chick’n

This is a brand new product from Gardein, it’s Mandarin Chicken that you can find at any of your local Chinese restaurant except this is meat-free!  I think this looks so good! I bet it would taste great served on top of white rice.  All you have to do is throw it into the microwave and you are done!  It’s a quick, easy and healthy option for dinner or lunch!

Gardein Beefless Sliders

This pack of meat-free beefless sliders come in a pack of 4!  They are microwavable and sound quite yummy to me!  One slider with a bun is 150 calories.  I think this would make for a good option for lunch or dinner.  It gives those of us who want sliders meat-free a great option to have!

Morningstar Farms Mediterranean Chickpea Burger

This is a brand new burger that has just come out from Moringstar Farms!  This burger is made with chickpeas, spinach, Roma tomatoes, and traditional Greek herbs and spices.  Each burger contains 110 calories and you can throw this in the microwave to heat up.  This burger has 70% less fat than ground beef and it is a good source of protein!  I really want to try these!  I love chickpeas!

Morningstar Farms Buffalo Chik Patties

There wasn’t a picture for this new product.  I guess it is too new for it.  The description says it’s Buffalo-sauce flavor baked into crispy, boneless, veggie chik patties.  I think that sounds really good!  I am a huge fan of Buffalo flavored anything so I think I would really like it in pattie form.  I’d be interested to try it.

Amy’s Kitchen Quinoa and Black Bean Bowl

Amy's New Products

Amy’s has come out with a new bowl.  It is high in fiber, low in fat and calories, gluten-free and non dairy.  It also contains swiss chard and butternut squash.  This sounds like my kind of meal!  The bowl has 240 calories and would definitely fill you up for lunch or dinner!  Great option!

Amy’s Light & Lean Mattar Paneer

Amy's New Products

This meal is made with organic peas and Indian cheese in a delicately spiced sauce, with basmati rice and a blend of lentils and beans.  This meal is 260 calories.  I think it sounds really good!  I would definitely want to try this!  I think it’s another great option for lunch or dinner!

Amy’s Mushroom Risotto Bowl & Vegetable Parmesan Bowl

Amy's New Products

The Mushroom Risotto has Arborio rice in a creamy sauce, the rich flavor of Porcini mushrooms combined with fresh young green peas.  It is Gluten-Free.  The Vegetable Parmesan is ratatouille of organic tomatoes, onions and eggplant, added to mushrooms, organic brown rice and fresh broccoli florets, with a generous sprinkling of cheeses.  It is also Gluten-Free!  These are two other really great sounding options!

So there you have it!  A vegetarian edition of Fun Finds Friday!  Have you tried any of these products?  Which would you most want to try?  What is your favorite vegetarian product?

Happy Friday!

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