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Fun Finds Friday: Random Edition, Part 2!!…

Posted Mar 08 2013 6:53am

Hi there!  Happy Friday!!  Finally, we made it!  The weekend is just around the corner.  This week went by so slow.  I am so glad that it’s almost over.  Well, I got my snow today!  It was more of a bothersome snow than a blizzard.  It was pretty to see snowflakes but it was not nice having to clean off my car and drive in it.  The roads weren’t bad at all.  I think it’s because it’s too warm since it’s March.  Nothing was sticking too much.  I highly doubt we will see an accumulation from this snow.  I’m just glad that I got a little bit of snow this month.  That made me happy.

I’m looking forward to tonight.  I’m hanging out with Melissa and my mom.  It should be fun.  I think we are going to take out food and maybe play some board games.  Melissa and I want to make special birthday dog treats for Oliver.  His birthday is on Sunday!  I can’t believe he is going to be 11.  I remember when we got him when he was just a pup and now he is a grown man.  Aw.  I will be sure to post something dedicated to him on Sunday.  So stay tuned for that.

What are you doing this weekend?  The only set plans that I have are tonight.  The rest of the weekend is pretty much up in the air.  I’m hoping I will be able to get some sleep this weekend and not have to deal with our upstairs neighbors.  I hope we find a place to live soon because the end of our lease is approaching and we really don’t want to rent again.  So shall see what happens in the coming weeks/months.

Anyway, let’s get started with Fun Finds Friday! Today is going to be another edition of some random finds.  So bear with me.  As always, if you have any finds you’d like for me to feature, please let me know!

Starbucks Bottled Iced Coffee

Starbucks Iced Coffee CaramelStarbucks Iced Coffee with MilkStarbucks Iced Coffee with Milk LightStarbucks Iced Coffee Vanilla

Starbucks has come out with their own line of bottled Iced Coffee drinks.  As you can see it already has milk in it and it comes in a few flavors: Caramel, Regular Iced Coffee, Light-Iced Coffee, and Vanilla.  I think these would be great for on the go especially if you need a pick-me up.  It’s easy enough to toss this in your lunchbox with an ice pack to have during the day.  I think it’s a good idea.  I like that they have made a lighter version too.  I know the only way I’d be able to drink this product is if I took my lactaid medicine but they do look good!

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies Brownie Supreme

Chex Mix Muddy Buddies Brownie Supreme

This is a brand new variety of Chex Mix!  It’s Muddy Buddies but Brownie Supreme.  I have always been a fan of Chex Mix.  I used to love the turtle one.  The vending machine at my work would sell them and they were dangerous because of how good they were.  These look fantastic too!  I love brownies.

Fiber One Wraps

Fiber One has recently come out with their own line of wraps.  It was only a matter of time before they came out with their own line of wraps since they sell other bread products.  As you can see I only found images for two of the varieties: Garden Vegetable and Honey Wheat.  I’m assuming they probably come in more flavors so be on the lookout.  They only contain 80 calories in the wrap which would make a great option for making quesadillas or enchiladas with.  I’d be interested in trying them and seeing how they are.  I get nervous with anything in relation to Fiber One though but you just need to be safe when eating it and drink a a lot of water.

Pepperidge Farm Milano Boston Cream Pie Cookies

These are new Milano Melts Cookies from Pepperidge Farms.  Boston Cream Pie?!  These cookies sound heavenly!  Any time I think of Boston Cream Pie, I think of donuts so having this in cookie form sounds good to me.  I think the cookie monster in my house, Mike, would love these!  He is a cookie fanatic and is always looking to try new cookies.  I’ll have t keep my eyes out for these!

Skinny Cow New Ice Cream Flavors

Limited Edition Cupcake Batter CupLimited Edition Mint to Be CupLimited Edition Caramel Mochaccino Cup

These are three new limited edition flavors brought to you by Skinny Cow!  These flavors are only around for one year and then they are gone!!  I think the cupcake batter one sounds incredible!!!  I think I am going to have to search the shelves for that one.  Cupcake in ice cream form?  Sounds good to me!!!

That is all I have for today’s edition of Fun Finds Friday!  Have you tried any of these new products?  Which ones would you most like to try?

Have a great Friday!

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