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Fun Finds Friday: Frozen Food Edition!!…

Posted Mar 22 2013 7:02am

Hi!  Happy Friday to you!!  We’ve finally reached the end of this stressful week and the weekend is just around the corner!  I am so happy about that.  I’m glad for this week to be over and done with and to move onto the weekend.  I have a feeling this weekend is going to be a good one.  I’m celebrating my birthday this weekend since my birthday falls on Monday.  It’s easier to get together with my family on the weekend.  Tomorrow night, I’m celebrating my birthday with Melissa, my mom and Mike.  Then on Sunday, I believe I’m celebrating with Mike and my dad.  Then on Monday (my actual birthday), Mike and I will go out for Mexican.  I’m looking forward to spending time with those that I love.  Spending time with the people I love is the best birthday I could ask for even though I am anxious about turning 29.  I’ll be okay.  What are you doing this weekend?

For today’s edition of Fun Finds Friday, I wanted to focus on new frozen food items that I have found.  I try not to eat too many frozen entrees because I prefer to make things myself but sometimes the nutritional information isn’t too bad and it’s easier than cooking a full meal.  I used to live off of Lean Cuisines for lunch every single day.  I loved them and they were so quick and easy to just throw in my lunchbox.  Ever since my stomach issues started, I haven’t had a single Lean Cuisine.  I couldn’t tell you last one I had but I did love them.  So let’s get started!


Kashi just came out with two versions of Steam Meals for 2.  They had frozen entrees but they were only one serving.  The contents in these bags are big enough for two people to enjoy.  They come in two varieties: Italian Vegetable Medley Pasta and Chicken and Chipotle BBQ.  The thing that I like about these two meals from Kashi is that fact they use natural and no artificial ingredients and it is minimally processed.  I think they both sound pretty good and would be great for a quick and easy meal for two people.

Amy’s Light and Lean Entree’s

Amy's New Products

Amy’s has come out with two new Light and Lean meals from their Light & Lean product line.  They are: Quinoa & Black Beans with Butternut Squash and Chard, and Mattar Paneer.  I think both of these sound so good!  The best part is that they are both gluten-free and vegan!  The Quinoa meal has 240 calories and the Mattar Paneer meal has 260.  I really like what Amy’s stands for and I would love to try these two.  I think they sound yummy.

Gardein Crispy Chick’n Sliders

The company Gardein that makes meatless options has come out with new Chick’n Sliders on buns!  I think these are super cute!  They come with 4 in a box.  They are meatless chicken.  I’d be willing to try these.  It’s a nice alternative to real chicken and it only takes 3 minutes to microwave.

Lean Cuisine Salad Additions

These are new meals from Lean Cuisine.  All you have to do is add lettuce.  They come in 4 different flavors: Southwest Style Chicken, Asian-Style Chicken, Bistro-Style Chicken, and Cranberry & Chicken.  They have all the ingredients in the frozen box for you except like I mentioned before the lettuce.  It’s a quick and easy way to make a flavorful salad for lunch/dinner!

Atkins Frozen Meals

As you can see, Atkins has come out with their own line of frozen meals!  They have two breakfast options and the rest are lunch/dinner options.  They have a wide variety of meals that you can choose from.  Their meals are said to contain: high quality proteins without fillers, premium cuts of vegetables, gravies and sauces made with real natural creams and butter, no added sugars or preservatives, 4-7g Net Carbs per meal and fits all 4 phases of Atkins.  I think these would make a good option for lunch.

Ian’s Supreme French Bread Pizza

Ians French bread pizza

Ian’s has introduced a new Supreme French Bread Pizza.  This pizza is all-natural and allergy free.  It is a great way for people who have food allergies to enjoy french bread pizza.  I think it looks delicious!

DiGiorno Pizzeria Pizza

DiGiorno has come out with a brand new line called Pizzeria!  These pizzas have crust that is crispy on the outside and soft and airy inside.  They have a flavorful sauce with vine-ripened tomatoes.  They have premium toppings, preservative free-crust, and no artificial flavors.  These pizza’s come in: Quattro Formaggi, Supreme Speciale, Primo Pepperoni, and Italian Style Meat Trio.  I like that they are trying to make their pizza’s a little bit more on the healthier side.

So there you have some new items in the frozen food entrée world.  Have you tried any of these items?  Would you want to try any of them?  How do you feel about frozen food?

Have a great Friday!!  Happy Weekend!!

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