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FSU Family Weekend

Posted Nov 02 2011 12:17am

This weekend was Parents’ Weekend at Florida State University, where my darling little sister goes to school.  This year, I snagged my dad’s spot and played “parent” for a few days!

My mom picked me up on Friday morning and we drove to Tallahassee.  Lunch on-the-go was courtesy of Chikfila- I ordered the chargrilled chicken salad with fat-free honey mustard dressing.

chikfila chargrilled chicken salad

After checking into our hotel, we picked up my sister and headed out for dinner and drinks at a fancy little French restaurant called Chez Pierre with her roommates and their parents.

After ordering drinks, we browsed the menu for dinner options.  Mine was an obvious choice- seared tuna on a bed of spring mix with goat cheese and a dijon vinaigrette.

It was rather disappointing, especially for $18.  I was convinced the tuna was bad and I was gonna be puking all night, but luckily, I escaped the impending doom of food poisoning.

My sister (on the right) and her good friend, Lexi (< who happens to read my blog! Hi Lexi! :) )

My mom and I:

After we finished eating, we headed to downtown Tallahassee and went to a bar called Clyde’s.  My sister had to work at 11PM, which worked out perfectly, because my mom and I needed to call it an early night, anyways- we had a 5K to do in the morning!

I had a temporary moment of insanity and told my mom several weeks ago that I really thought we should do the Family Weekend Fun Run/Walk 5K that FSU was hosting on Saturday morning.  Once she gets an idea in her head, it’s pretty hard to get it out, so, try as I might, she was not letting me out of our commitment!

7AM came way too early, and to make matters more miserable, it was freezing outside!  OK, not freezing.  But it was cold enough to make us huddle together waiting for the race to start!  We power-walked the whole thing, and we were convinced that someone had moved the mile markers farther apart than they should’ve been- the miles seemed to last forever!

We were really happy that we did it once we were finished.  It was fun to take a tour of the whole campus!

After showering and getting ready, we picked up my sister and headed out for a day of tailgating, since the game started at noon.  We stopped by a few fraternity houses before venturing into the game.

We left at half-time, but not before watching the Marching Chiefs perform!

We are definitely a music-over-sports trio :) .

Once we left, we stopped at several other tailgating spots, meeting Lauren’s friends along the way, and then finally stopping at her sorority house for their amazing lunch buffet.

We piled our plates with delicious Southern food- fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, biscuits, corn salad…it was awesome.

After stuffing our faces, my sister gave us a tour of the sorority house because I had never seen it before.  It was huge!  The part that blew me away the most was that each bedroom was named after a famous brand or designer, and some of the girls decorate their rooms to correspond with it.

I thought my college sorority house was awesome, but it’s safe to say the FSU Kappa Delta house takes the cake.

We ended the night by watching the Florida/Georgia game on TV at a bar where my sister works.

The next morning, we went back to the sorority house for the main event of the weekend- BRUNCH! My sister had been raving about how amazing it was all weekend, and I have to say, she was so right.  They had an awesome spread set up, complete with adorable Fall decorations.

Homemade biscuits with sausage gravy, bacon, sausage links, home fries, cheese eggs, cheese grits…need I go on?

We stopped for a photo op in front of the house on our way out:

We said our goodbyes, and my mom and I headed back towards Orlando.  But, not without stopping at a pumpkin patch on the way out!

I have big plans for my big pumpkin!

Aaaand it’s safe to say I’ll be attempting to reverse the damage that my sister’s sorority meal plan has done to me for the rest of the week.

By the way, Happy Halloween! Time to tend to the trick-or-treaters!


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