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Friend Friday Part 2

Posted Sep 17 2010 8:52am

Last week I introduced my oldest daughter-in-law, Luann. It was another seven years we had to wait for our next girl. As a mother of three sons, I was gradually getting my daughters, and they were mature, respectful and hopelessly in love with each of our sons.

This story began over thirty years ago…We were blessed with a special friendship with another young couple that we had met though our church. Although, they lived in the Chicago area, we would meet each summer, reconnect and spend time together. This one particular summer, we were ecstatic to discover we were expecting our second child. As we were enjoying our weekend with our dear friends,  the wife shared with me that they were expecting also. Our due dates were just days apart. The following summer we, with our new baby boy and they, with their newest daughter, once again had a wonderful weekend together. The next few summers we continued our visits, enjoying our growing families, but as things go, we both got busy with jobs, more children with their activities, and our visits dwindled and eventually stopped.

Twenty years later, our son met this special young lady at a Christian youth gathering. As they compared notes about their families, they discovered and faintly remembered the times they spent together as young children. That began a special relationship that cumulated in a beautiful wedding a year later! Let me introduce you to my second daughter-in-law, Megan

julyaug2010 216

Megan is a registered nurse, having worked in ER several years before she had children. She is now a stay-at-mom caring for Broderick and Anika. She is a runner and a determined healthy eater. (She was the one that begged me to start a food blog.) She has a heart for world missions and is active in her Missional Moms group. Megan willingly and excitedly moved to Denmark while her husband pursued  a job transfer. Her little girl was born a Dane! They moved back to our area this spring. Here is a photo of Megan preparing a Danish specialty for us.


Megan is very relational and loves to entertain friends and family. She comes from a family of six siblings, so she has plenty of family! She is a loving wife to our son, Brad and a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. We are richer and far more blessed to have Megs a part our family!


Stay tuned for next Friday and learn about an international love story!

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