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Friday Favorites 7.6.12

Posted Jul 06 2012 8:30am
After visiting my brother in Atlanta last weekend and realizing how close it will be before I will be in the South for school I wanted to brainstorm some things that are easy to whip up and easy to purchase for someone living on their own--and on a limited budget. If there's anything I can say about my brother it's that he will only do something that requires minimal effort. Don't get me wrong, I'm the same way, and I only ever do put in a lot of time and effort into things that deserve it. But for the everyday? I need something quick and easy, and I'm sure everyone does. To end a scorching week, when nobody wanted to slave over a hot stove in an already hot house, here's a round-up of everything effortless.

Friday Favorites 7.6.12

Photo courtesy of Joy the Baker
Breakfast Nachos:  Hungover? Pulled an all-nighter? Walking zombie? This recipe basically calls for no cooking. And if you're in college (or even graduate school), chances are you'll have a bag of tortilla chips, shredded cheese, and salsa in your kitchen. The rest can come together on your last-minute trip to the corner store to feed your not-quite-awake self.

No-Heat and Low-Heat: Seriously, TheKitchn pretty much has your behind covered for anything you need at the last-minute. Here's a list of some make-ahead and quick-made meals, from overnight oats to poaching an egg in the microwave. And when all else fails? An iceberg lettuce wedge salad comes to the rescue.

Blueberry Boy Bait: This is perfect for hot weather and this is such an easy everyday cake that almost anyone, even my brother, can attempt to make this. This cake is best enjoyed a few minutes out of the oven when Tim Mazurek claims it still has a "delicate top crust."

Best $15 and Under Wines:  Okay, so my brother is probably not going to be the first guy to run out and buy a bottle of wine for himself or for friends when he's entertaining but for the older adults living on their own and on a budget, Food & Wine has prepared a list for some reds and whites you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Chopped Salad with Feta, Lime, and Mint: Salads are one of those great things that require very little, if any, actual cooking. It's all prep and assembly, and this is no different. You can always have this as a side dish if you require a more substantial meal.

The Starving Students' Cookbook: I will be a full-time student this fall, and just like many, I will be on a budget. This cookbook has illustrated and easy-to-follow recipes for beginners. Even if you know your way around a kitchen and don't need rudimentary instructions, I'd get this book just for some inexpensive cooking ideas.

The Mojito Smoothie: Summer is not just for salads and ice creams, it is a season for welcoming smoothies into your daily diet. And it's not reserved for protein powders and yogurt and frozen fruit. This smoothie is fun and sounds refreshing. The spirulina adds an extra oomph of nutrition.

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