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Fresh Start: Cleansing and Feasting

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

The next group program kicks off on January 3rd, 2010. We will be starting with a 3-day Green Smoothie Cleanse followed by a program of your choosing, either 5 Days Low Glycemic Eating or 5 Days Vegan- whatever works best for you, works best for me.  From now until January 5th, purchase any two e-guides to health or other available products (including The Healthy Cookie: Unbaked), apply the discount code ‘freshstart2010‘ at the checkout and save 20% on your purchase. Let’s get healthy together ’cause yaaaaay this is fun!

Here we are! Two Thousand and Ten. Y2K10 if you will.

What does the new year bring? Often resolutions but I say resolutions smesholutions. All this talk about goals and aspirations and here I am thinking, but why? There is nothing wrong with us as we are? Yes, jeans might be tighter than we would like and I might be leading a retreat in St. Lucia next week with a few more jiggles to my wiggle than I think might be ideal, but when it all comes down to it, there is nothing and never has been anything wrong with how we are right now. I think resolutions set us up to want to fix stuff, making it seem rather obvious that we don’t think we are fine as we are and wow is that a viscous thought pattern to start swirling around with. So I have two things to say about that.

1. I am not making resolutions but instead have decided to leave a few things back in 2009. Things that did not serve me for the best. Some of the things I dropped off include a few habits, a few people, a few foods, a few late nights and a few thoughts and ideas. Dropping off the old will make room for some new mentally, physically, and emotionally supportive stuff.

2. Breaking any habit is tough but I seriously want to help. That is why on Sunday, January 3rd, we are all dropping off the old and picking up the new with the first 2010 group cleanse. Bring on the green. Drink your green drinks hot or cold. If you think about it, this 3 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse is not about only drinking green drinks and only stuffing our bellies full of the most nutrious goodness we can get our hands on but it means we are letting go of disease builders like refined sugars and grains, stimulants like coffee, alcohol and ciggies, bad fats and sodium saturation. January 3rd we’re going green and January 6th we’ll kick it 5 Days Vegan or 5 Days Low Glycemic. Your choiceroonie. I will be coaching via Twitter so check me there!

Check out the deets on each program:

And see what else I have for you to play with here.

Fresh Start 2010 Giveaway Announcement
Participate in the program and/or leave a comment here and you sign yourself up for a chance to win some sweet as sweet Greens+ amazingness. Let’s be clear here, I am not into selling and promoting other people’s stuff- I contacted the lovely Genuine Health people because I wanted to be able to offer you a little extra motivation to get on the healthy train and drop your junk food baggage off in 2009. Comment below or get one of the tutorials and you could be the lucky Greens + by Genuine Health devotee with a bottle of the Greens+ Daily Essentials and the Greens + Daily Detox.

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