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Fresh Almond Milk

Posted Mar 15 2012 2:33pm

Soak Almonds overnight. In the morning, pop them out of their skins.
Its easy! And fun : ) 

Then put them in a Blender. You should blend 1 part almonds with 3-5 parts water. Blend it good.

Here, I'm using my nut milk bag to squeeze the milk from the almond pulp. There will be quite a bit of pulp left behind, once you've finished squeezing the milk out of the bag.
Alternatively, you can push the milk through a fine mesh sieve.
Reserve your milk in a jar and store it in the fridge. Use it in smoothies, soups, sauces, breakfast, just drink it, do whaaatever you would normally do with store bought milks. And enjoy :)
Stay tuned for recipes using the reserved pulp. I often will blend it with mustard, herbs, tamari etc and use it as a spread. You could dehydrate it and use it as almond flour. You could ferment it and eat it like a funky cheese.. You could sweeten it up serve with breakfast or dessert.. oh the possibilities..

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