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French Robin Designs "  I

Posted Aug 29 2014 8:23pm
French Robin Designs "  I cannot fathom the logic that went into that decision. " Really? In a country that contains unfortunate genetic misfits who don't feel safe unless they can tote a rifle around Target as if every day was a "Call of Duty" game? The logic in play here is a direct result of the USA's infatuation with guns and the irrational mindset that it breeds. And entire subset of the US population is convinced that they are the last bulwark against tyranny (clue: they are not) and that the possession and use of firearms should be normalised to the point where everyone who wants to should be able to parade around with their sad insecurities on full display. An incident like this is exactly what one would expect when the gun fetishists are allowed to operate unchecked.
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