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Posted Sep 13 2008 11:46pm

Away from the hustle and bustle of big city life , Ponchericherry is a quiet little town on the sea coast. The tree lined boulevards, the quaint colonial heritage French buildings, Auroville , virgin beaches, friendly atmosphere and a pure French cuisine attracts more visitors.
From Chennai 135 km [ 3- 31/2 hrs by road ]
Nearest airport --Anna International/ Domestic airport.- CHENNAI

Cuisine is a French word, and literally mean kitchen. When people talk about cuisine or haute cuisine they do not mean kitchens, but rather a number of special recipes for which a particular nation is famous. Another reason that French food is especially appealing to food lovers is the extraordinary variety of dishes and flavours it offers.

French food comprises traditional home cooking, a wide variety of regional specialities, a new style of cooking known as nouvelle cuisine as well as an enormous range of cheeses and fine wines.
Traditional French meals typically include:

A light breakfast of a hot drink of milk coffee or chocolate and buttered pieces of the traditional French stick or baguette (a long, thin loaf of white crusty bread), or croissant (crescent-shaped pieces of puff-pastry).

Bread, croissants and brioches are generally eaten fresh and bought the same morning from the bread and pastry shop.
A regular, three course lunch beginning with an entree of mixed salad or smallgoods, a main course of meat or fish with vegetables followed by cheese served with a green salad, and a dessert or fruit.

Wine is typically served with main meals, and the wine is selected according to the main course . usually white with fish, seafood or poultry and red with meat.

Some of the best-known traditional French dishes include: an egg and cheese pie known as quiche, flavoured with ham, fish or chicken and tomatoes, onions or zucchinis; pepper steak, made of a slice of lean beef lightly grilled and served with green pepper corns and cream sauce, and coq au vin made with pieces of poultry cooked in a red winecasserole.

Most traditional main dishes are served with elaborate sauces, and veal for example, is often cooked in a white wine sauce with mushrooms and herbs.

Another feature of French cooking is the treatment of fish and beef. Steaks are traditionally served rare to retain their tenderness and taste, and similarly it is considered that to enjoy fish it must be cooked very lightly to retain its texture and succulence.

French cooking also includes a very large variety of desserts and pastries, among them the familiar and popular éclairs and profiteroles which are made of puff pastry filled with coffee or chocolate-flavoured custard.
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