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FREE Resource for All Subscribers

Posted Jun 24 2013 12:01am

If you followed our Raising Healthy Families series, then you know that there were an awful lot of great posts from an awful lot of great bloggers with an awful lot of great ideas for helping you keep a healthy home for your family.

That’s an awful lot of an awful lot of greatness right there. I mean, we’re talking about topics like this: building a natural first aid kit; detoxifying your home, family, and cleaning supplies; using essential oils instead of surgery; getting your kids to eat their veggies (whoo-eee that’s a big one right there!!); and a whole lot (an awful lot) more.

Problem is, all that greatness is currently scattered all over the internet and would take some time for you to track down. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of time. That’s why I’m so thankful my sweet friend Rachel (who organized the series; thanks, Rachel!) had the smarts to compile all those posts into one convenient resource, an eBook that is completely free! And I so appreciate Jennifer taking the time to do the work of compiling all those posts (Thanks, Jennifer!).

And now, all our hard work is available for YOU to access for free! The only catch is that you must subscribe to Authentic Simplicity’s weekly newsletter , and really, that’s not much of a “catch”, now is it? No money to put down, no “offers” to accept, no hoops to jump through. Just the benefit of a weekly email featuring all the fun that’s been going on here at Authentic Simplicity. Not too bad, eh?

So whatcha waitin’ for? Sign up here , and get a free weekly newsletter PLUS a free copy of Raising Healthy Families., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

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