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Foodbuzz 24x24: A Taste of Summer... Vegan vs. Carnivore BBQ Throwdown

Posted Jun 27 2010 4:45pm

Who reigned supreme? Keep reading to find out!

Just a note... Although this blog is a vegan/vegetarian/sometimes pescetarian mish mash of recipes, there will be (sigh) some meat recipes posted from the throwdown. Honey worked so hard, I can't deprive him of his five minutes of 'fame' on my not really famous blog :)


Vegan: Me, carnivore, Honey... each of us had to come up with a starter, main (including a salad), dessert and beverage showcasing ingredients that are fresh and in season for the summer. The goal was to have items you would 'typically' have at a BBQ but put our own spin on them.

Meet team veg: Ellen, aka La Pure Mama. Home chef who studied under the incredibly talented Chef Charlotte of the Lake. Paralegal for her patient Poppey, mama to the amazing Noodle Nose, frequent user of the word fantastical and wife of the carnivore. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and baking and as a result, began her blog in early 2009. Since then, her cooking and baking has become more adventurous and her blog, a little popular. Who would have though people would like sarcasm wrapped in a tortilla.

Other than cooking, she enjoys running and other forms of exercise, drink wine and gab book club, spending time with her fabulous friends and family and fine tuning her exceptional (basically professional) 'serious singing' talent. You will frequently find her behind the stove in their home which is where she loves to be, providing fun and tasty food for guests and common dwellers which include the carnivore and the Noodle Nose.

Sous Chef Charlotte, aka chef Charlotte of the Lake. Overall fantastic party queen, amazing mama and an inspiration to all. And Sous Chef Kelly, aka Uncle Kelly, my veg inspiration and one of the reasons why I like red hair.

Meet team carnivore: Allan, aka Dr. Magic Hands. Dad to Noodle Nose, husband of the veggie. Chiropractor of amazing talents and rarely in the kitchen, save a rare Sunday morning egg and sausage 'fest. Despite that, he is quite the grill whisperer; able to obtain just the right kiss of flame by bending the grill to his will, tongs and spatula in hand.

In his spare time he enjoys playing golf and baseball, watching Sports Center to the point of driving his wife insane, spending time with his friends which usually involves an unspoken contest of who can drink the most Sierra Nvada and ack seat cooking while his fantastic wife is in meal creation mode. Special talents include the ability to completely butcher a joke into the most un-funny thing you have ever heard, eating vegetarian/vegan food every single day even though he is a carnivore, offering up some pretty serious singing competition to his wife and flashing his amazing smile and thoughtful heart to everyone he crosses.

Sous Chef Dennis, aka Poppey, father-in-law and fellow grill whisperer. And Sous Chef Jeff, Honey's brotha from anotha motha, mr. extreme, fellow meat eater and major sh*t talker.

Meet the Joodges: Jamisson, BFF and the bride-to-be. Erin, auntie and one hot mama. Sara, jewelry queen and wife of the major sh*t talker. Mr. John, house hawker, bringer of copious amounts of red wine and general bad influence. Mark, carnivore, yet objective foodie; can do math in his head.


ROUND ONE: BEVERAGES. This was titled the 'Bonus Beverage Round' but we started with it so the joodges would have something to sip on while we finished up our appetizers.

Vegan Beverage: Cool off with the fresh flavor and tang of this freshly squeezed limeaid spiked with vodka, finished with a refreshing prosecco float and garnished with a fresh Boxx Berry Farm strawberry and mint leaf from the Farmer's Market.

Carnivore Beverage: Blast to the past where your boyfriend was a jerk... a soda jerk! The flavors of vanilla and root beer in this adult-altered root beer float will have you screaming for more. Special effects include eerie yet intriguing dry ice smoke.


Vegan Appetizer: Fresh in-season corn, roasted and paired with succulent walla walla sweet onion, fresh red bell pepper and black beans. Finished with a spicy chili and adobo vinaigrette and nestled in an endive boat. Hearty, filling and fun to eat but light enough to have twelve.

Carnivore Appetizer: Dive into these Hooters inspired hot wings complete with famous spicy hot wing sauce guaranteed to get your hands dirty. Cool off with the crisp taste of fresh celery and bleu cheese dressing. Hooters girls not included.


Vegan Main: Travel east with this flavorful middle eastern spiced butter bean burger complimented with chopped almonds for a crunch and fresh in-season garlic scapes. Served on a slider bun with a mouth watering spicy sweet potato salad that will have you dancing for more.

Carnivore Main: A juicy beef burger infused with bacon, cilantro, caramelized red onion and moriber (mor-be-yay) cheese. Guaranteed to send you to the emergency room, this tasty treat is served on a slider bun with a classic creamy red potato salad. Note: in case of emergency, ambulance will be on hand.


Vegan Dessert: An alarmingly rich chocolate brownie complimented with fresh, in-season Washington cherries with a succulent cherry port reduction in a chocolate cup finished with a candied orange and a taste of port and freshly brewed espresso. An overly indulgent dessert uaranteed to have you licking your plate.

Carnivore Dessert: This peanut butter cup cookie is small but mighty and will have you reaching for more. A simple peanut butter dough complimented with a miniature peanut butter cup, all melty and gooey; finished with warm peanut butter cup and cream sauce.

TEAM VEG TAKES IT 19 TO 17!! Ok, I didn't win by that much... Honey put up a good fight! But I'll take it... Honey, as Sara would say: 'it's time to pack up your knives... and leave'.

All in all, if you have made it through this monstrous post, I will say this once again... it was an amazing day. We were all exhausted by the end but not exhausted enough to finish off team veg's lemonade, about a dozen bottles of Mr. John's copious amounts of red wine, a few bottles of champagne and even a little fizzy water. It was met with such enthusiasm that we have officially deemed it an annual event. Next year we're going to either do couples, girls against boys or bring the whole family in. Stay tuned for more info!
Stay tuned for another post of pictures... there were so many good ones, I hate to leave you out of the picture loop. Really, you'll feel like you were there!! 
And here are a few more of my favorites... just to tide you over until the next post.

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