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Food processor?

Posted by Dezolutions

How many of you guys own a food processor? Does it really make food prep easier?

I've been cooking up a storm lately, and I am starting to get a twinkle in my eyes at some kitchen appliances!

Thats my blog, a vegetarian journey, take-out junkie turned health nut. Lots of goals such as finally singing karaoke, keeping a house plant alive and trying new physical activities (hello taekwondo!) I promise... its not boring ;)

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I basically use my food processor for hummus, pesto, "carrot dip" which contains roasted red peppers, garlic, pine nuts, a little bit of tomato paste a smidge of oregano, salt, pepper, and maybe some olive oil to thin. I also use them for blending herbs or onions/shallots into things like herbed butter or chevre filling for lasagne.

love my food processor..

i've got everything in the kitchen and find that the food processor does so much that a blender doesn't.. i.e homemade nut butters, doughs, mass grating, finely slicing.. ahh, i'm in love :)


There is a big difference in the options of a food processor and a blender. To tell you the truth I'm not giving mine for anything, it made my life much more easier in the kitchen - it can make rough chucks, it can blend smoothly, can chop, grate, makes citrus juice, mixes dough and more...

explore your options :) 

I feel like the blender was ok up untill now. I had the opportunity to see my friend use her food processor... SO worth it! I got appliance envy! Since gravity does its work in the blender, its trickier to make sure everything gets chopped and pureed evenly, i think the processor is a great time saving tool AND you can be more creative with your meals! I have certainly passed on some delicious recipes because food prep looked too daunting!
I've been debating the big food processor purchase, too. I just discovered the joys of making pesto (belated, I know) and I've been using my blender. Is there a big difference with what a food processor can do and what my blender already does?
Hey thanks for the tip Craig! It'd be nice to chop up veggies without getting carpal tunnel :)
Dez - A hand-held processor that I can dunk straight into a big pan of stuff (squash, onions, peppers, etc) to puree into soup is a must for me. Quick, miminal mess and hassle.  Love it.
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