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Fondue Bourguignone

Posted Jan 13 2012 12:00am
Every winter we enjoy making this dish or meal should I say, especially when we have family staying over. This one of course is a hit with kids whatever age, even though of course the older ones have more fun with it as they actually interact and cook their own meats, while toddlers still need our help. The tough one here was to cook the beef pieces fast enough for our little toddler girl not to get bummed out as when she wants something she wants it NOW! It is also fun to see who likes what sauces and how each person decided to mix them together. Of course for such a meal fries are a must!


Lots of Mayo
curry powder
finely chopped off pickles
finely minced garlic
hot sauce and extra chopped red hot chili pepper
beef cut into 1 inch squares (always assume about 1.5lbs per person)
Oil for the fondue set
1 cork


  1. Add mayo to 6 small cup and fill it to 3/4
  2. On each cup add the condiment you want, so one with curry powder, another with pickles, another with garlic and so on
  3. Add a small pinch of salt in each cup and mix well
  4. Place the fondu set in the middle of the table
  5. Heat the oil in the fondue set and add the cork (this will help prevent from splatter too much)
  6. Add each cup around the table with small spoons
  7. Once the oil is hot each person with fry their own meat and use whatever sauces they want or even mix some of them together in their own plates

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