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Following Up

Posted Jan 17 2013 10:31am

Today I wanted to take the time to follow up with the medicine prescribed to me by the naturopathic doctor.

In case you missed my recap of my experience you can find it here .

I just finished the “shots” of Unda. Better said by Cait as secretly being shots of Vladamir and that’s why I it “calms me.”

Truth be told I don’t feel so calm. I no longer have stomachaches when I get anxious and after all isn’t that why I went in the first place?

I suppose it was. But, I supposed what I really wanted the doctor to do was hand me some naturopathic drug that would rid me of my anxiety and make me more comfortable with rolling with the punches rather than freaking out if something doesn’t go according to how I planned it out in my head.

Oh the mind of someone with anxiety is somewhat of a trip!

I will never forget the first ever race I was about to swim. I think I was around 6 years old and all I had to do was 1 lap of freestyle. I remember running over to my mom crying and saying I couldn’t breathe. She assured me it would be fine and I would do well. Guess what, I survived. I survived many races after that but every.single.race I had the same freak-out. If only my 6 year old self knew what my 25 year old self knows now. So I guess we could say I have lived with anxiety since I was young and as I have gotten older I have been able to identify it better.

I’m trying to tolerate it on my own, after all I have for 25 years.
At times I definitely think I need a Zanax. My boyfriend would tell you I need one all the time and he means that in the nicest way possible.

Maybe someday I will go to the doctor and get that zanax. But until then I will continue to drive my boyfriend crazy while I go nuts and he puts things into perspective for me.

Long story short, I am over the medicine the naturopathic doctor. One day I will get that zanax. But for now I will continue to do things that keep me sane.

Such as Going to the gym.
Writing this blog.
Going to yoga. Yoga used to make me feel ADD, now it centers me and it is glorious!
Walks with my dog
Being around family and friends

Do you struggle with anxiety? What do you do to keep yourself sane?

Have you ever been prescribed medicine for it?

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