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Flip The Funk

Posted Apr 05 2011 9:02pm
I was catching up on blog posts on Monday, and noticed a recurring theme:

the big. FAT. "What is happening in/to/with my life?" FUNK

[ Source ]

Now, I'm not here to pretend I am immune to the funk. Heck, I was laid off due to budget cuts two weeks ago, and if I told you I hadn't since experienced every possible emotion about it (and cried on my way to, on my way home from, and even AT work on more than one occasion) I'd be a big, fat, FUNKY, liar. [My way of dealing with stress has been, and may always be, crying for no apparent reason.] But you know what? I've been able to rise above the funk, and y'all can too. It's time to twist this funk around and dance our way to funky town. Take the funk* and make it funkadelic! *as in, "I need to change my socks" or "I could really use some deodorant"
I'm not an expert in funkiness (although I do know how to "get down with my bad self"* on occasion), but here, for your reading enjoyment is what works for me: *Please imagine me using huge air bunnies at that. It just adds to comic effect.
Indulge in your funk for a little. If that means baking an excessive amount of brownies...well, alright. If that means listening to Joshua Radin's We Were Here on repeat...well, that's OK too. But after a day or two, sing Rascal Flatts' "Feels Like Today," put on your big (cow)girl boots and, like the All-American Rejects implore, "Move Along."

Try not to turn your funk into frustration and take it out on others, which I nearly did the morning I drove around in circles trying to avoid a race route and nearly yelled at the security men as well as put a curse on everyone who has ever run a race, but instead just burst into tears. [That was a low point.]

In fact, you should do something nice for someone else.
I have four 5th grade math students, and they were taking their TAKS Math test on Monday. I bought bags of Starburst, and made them a sweet snack of support. [Sure, we want to avoid blood sugar crashes...but I did tell them not to eat them as a substitute for breakfast...nor all at once.]

I had a ton left over. Clearly I only needed one bag but knew I loved the Tropicals, and was so curious about the Sweet Fiesta (Peach Guava! Strawberry Mango!) that I had to buy both.

Then I realized I rarely crave candy, and they are still sitting in a bag on my desk, untested. [Except by my coworkers. I fear I have become a dreaded food-pusher. It's only because I care...]

Make a goal. I find that setting small goals (which I like to call challenges) keeps me motivated. I'm not a super competitive person, except with myself. I'll bet myself I can't do things, and then prove myself wrong. [I'm not sure what this says about me other than that I might soon end up in a mental institution.] These can be super little things, like, "I will go for 5 miles on the elliptical today," or "I will not eat cereal for dinner yet again tonight." Or they might be slightly bigger, week or month-long goals, such as "I will eat a vegetarian diet for [insert as many days as you want]." You can even switch goals mid-challenge. [Like Mary-Kate & Ashley.]
[ Source ] Start small so you feel success. We learn as teachers that you have to create an environment of success before kids will feel confident in their abilities to learn. The same is true about our outlook of life. Achieving something, no matter how small, will make you feel good. :)

Remember Siggy?
My dear Sigg water bottle, who I committed to transporting to school with me and drinking at least one of him (if not more) every day at the end of last [school] year. I think you can assume by the dust that has gathered on his neck...
...that I have been failing in the whole "drinking water" category.

New goal? Drink more water.
And now Siggy has a sidekick.

For some reason, drinking out of a cowgirl cup at school makes me a feel a little like I'm a at a party and the whole situation is uplifting. So I drink more....(water, y'all!)
[This date function will always be known as Rowdy Redneck to me. I don't care what they say. And Happy Birthday Chi Omega!] Already I'm feeling better about life because I'm achieving my goal. [I don't know that I'm feeling physically any different, but it's only been two days, people.]
Find humor and joy in little things. Like this pink motorcycle helmet.

Getting a "pat on the back" from your co-workers at a staff meeting (apparently I make first graders feel like confident readers---go me).
[The Baby Ruth was nice, too. :)] Or the fact that HEB is taking orders for live crawfish.
Is this funny to anyone else?

Cook. Cook anything. If it involves chopping, all the better. Chopping is very cathartic (and perhaps let you get out any underlying aggression in a healthy, yet satisfying, slightly violent, way). As is whacking chicken with a frying pan to flatten it out. When in doubt, make Almost-Instant Vegetable Soup.

Just take every frozen vegetable (or fresh) you have in your freezer (or fridge), add some garlic and leftover onion (if you've got it), a heavy handed dosage of your favorite seasoning blend, and a couple of cans of diced tomatoes and low sodium chicken (or veggie) broth.

Done. And delicious.
Speaking of vegetables, eat healthy food. (Despite my recent brownie baking (and eating) binges and days of not-eating-so-well-- darn you Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festiva l-- I'm generally not an emotional eater; in fact, when I'm in a stressful stage I tend to not eat and have to consciously do so.) I've had a hankering for fruits of all kinds lately. But especially tropical fruits. And so I've eaten a lot of 'em. And I stock up on yogurt. And I keep the baby carrots handy. Exercise. There are no photos of this. But I think it speaks for itself. Endorphins and all that. Speaking of photographs and exercise, how do y'all take pictures while running? I do not get these "play-by-play of my run" photo montages when they appear on peoples blogs. Walking, OK. But how can you RUN and take clear pictures? Read a book. It does not have to be anything thought-provoking (or provoking more thought than "I may never want to live in NYC or London and wear high heels and worry about fashion but I like reading about others who do") fact, that's probably EXACTLY the level of book you should be reading. Watch late 80s/early 90s sitcoms....
Yes, I have recently become addicted to Designing Women.
[ Source ]
Blame it on the soul of a sassy Southerner that secretly lives inside of me, but I love it. [That theme song drives me crazy, though. Luckily, I can hit the "next" button and it doesn't skip the first scene.] Also, wearing dresses like this would get ANYONE out of a funk and straight into funkadelic funky town.
[ Source ] ...and re-watch your favorite scenes from Glee. That is why we save them on TIVO people. Just so I can watch them sing "Marry You" and dance down the aisle at Finn's mom and Kurt's dad's wedding over and over (and over) again.
[ Source ]
If you don't have TIVO (or even better, DVR)..well, that's what YouTube is for.

Do something silly. I went to the rodeo and ate a turkey leg. Or, when my brother and sister-in-law mailed me a belated Christmas present.... [Better late than never, right?]

...I decided the existence in my life of a new green scarf and a frog shower cap deserved a photo shoot. We all have our own ways of coping. :) Finally, y'all, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. When all else fails, invoke the wise words of Barney Stinson: "When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead!"
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