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Flavor, Flavor, Flavor!

Posted by Tamar F.

All my life, I have been much more the quality over quantity type. One good pair of earrings over a bunch of crappy ones. So, I have been intrigued by the new diet books, that suggest eating like the French or drinking the best Martinis. The theory behind them all is to eat very modest portions of the best of everything. One small wedge of the best imported cheese. One small square of exquisite dark chocolate. One glass of a sultry wine. Studies have shown that very pungent (eg., Indian or Thai) foods, spicy foods (Mexican, Caribbean) and flavorful foods are more satisfying. Thus, you feel a need to eat less of a gourmet item than of a box of generic mac and cheese. For a couple of years, I have been treating myself to European butter. It's made up of more buttermilk or acid based creams. It seems like I need so much less in flavoring bread or sauces, so I get the richness without throwing off my healthy eating plans. I have also gotten in the habit of flavoring my cooking water, with tea bags, herbs or boullion. Then, my recipes need even less fat or cheese in their presentation!
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I think eating like this (really high quality foods) is a great choice because higher quality foods often include more nutrients and fewer unhealthy additives (msg, preservatives, corn syrup, etc.). Not to mention being tastier and more satisfying! Good point!
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