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Posted Mar 21 2010 5:18pm

I am back from a wonderful trip to Baltimore.   I flew out of Houston at 10:30 AM and was in Baltimore and in the Marriott Hotel Waterfront around 4 PM.   Since I rushed out of the house in the morning and I don’t much care for airport food, as soon as I checked in, I walked over to Whole Foods and made myself a large Salad which contained: romaine, spinach, kale, mushrooms, grilled green beans, sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, and quinoa.

Salad Bar - Whole Foods

After my late lunch I went back to the hotel to get ready for the fitbloggin’ POM reception.

Registration opened at 5 PM, I registered and picked up my goody bag and FitBloggin’ T-shirt.

The bag contained

Green Lite Bites bowl & Spoon
Green Lite Bites

FitBloggin’ T-shirt provided by Thriv – Their athletic cloths are made with Cotton & Bamboo (~50/50)
T-shirts are made with Bamboo and Cotton - in pink

A personalized, wearable device that precisely tracks your daily calorie burn whether you are walking, playing with the kids or taking the stairs.

The Gruve™ is a small, personalized, wearable device that precisely tracks your daily calorie burn whether you are walking, playing with the kids or taking the stairs.  There is a button on the side that changes color throughout the day as you go about your day.  It starts with red and as the day goes it changes to Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green which then indicates you have reached your goal.   The data from the device is transfered to the online program which shows how many calories you burned doing various activities.

Here is a cool thing, originally we were given the Gruve to try just for Saturday, but at the end of the day they decided to let us keep it :)

The opening reception was sponsored by POM Wonderful and POMitini’s were flowing everywhere.  I enjoyed a fine bottle of H2O while chatting and meeting fellow bloggers.

Few min into the reception I saw a familiar face walking in and I immediately spotted Anna , Anna and I started blogging around the same time and got to know each other in the early stage of our blogs.   She is very sweet and we chatted for a while about our trip to Baltimore and meeting all the other bloggers.

I also met Janel and Jessica , both RD’s from Boston.  I have been reading Janel’s blog for a while and it was very nice to finally meet her in person.   We chatted about food and Janel recommended that I add more grain into my diet… so you will be seeing some brown rice this week on the blog.

I have to admit, I didn’t do a good job of taking any pics on Friday.  Yes I did take my camera to the reception with me, but I guess I was too busy chatting and forgot that I need to take pictures, I will do better next time, I promise :).

I also met some new bloggers, I met Mandi who is also a blogger from TX and hit it off with her very quickly.  After the reception Mandi and I went out for a quick bite to eat.  We passed Roy’s , a Hawaiian Fusion resturant which looked fabulous

Roys Hawaiian Fusion

but I didn’t really want to drop $40 for dinner…. so we moved on the Taco Fiesta couple blocks from the hotel.   I had the veggie burrito, which was HUGE… and honestly not worth it.

After dinner, OFF to bed I went.


The day was supposed to start with a 5K or a 1 Mi walk, but since New Balance ran out of my size and I didn’t have running shoes on me I was left with only one choice…. sleeping in ;)  so I slept in until  7 AM and it felt GREAT.    New Balance made up for it though and brought more sizes and I was able to get a new pair of walking shoes… best part… these shoes didn’t cost me a penny.

New Balance Walking Shoes - 740 Stability

I started my day with Breakfast with the Dietitian .  I met Karla , Danielle and Dina during breakfast.    Dina is the lady behind Fit for Kid’s Sake and I really enjoyed learning about her projects and her upcoming virtual Conference to help end obesity.

Karla , Myself,  AnnaJessica and  Janel

Breakfast with Dietition

I spent the morning attending 2 sessions and when noon hit the clock I was ready for some lunch.   I had grilled veggies (Artichoke, Carrots, Zucchini, Eggplants, Mushroom and Squash),  with a small veggie panini.

Grilled veggies and panini

They also served Wild Mushroom Soup… which looked and smelled amazing.   I grabbed a small cup and had a taste..

During Lunch I met the wonderful ladies behind The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants .  These ladies are doing the Leukemia 1/2 marathon in San Diego in June.

Wild Mushroom Soup

Since I wasn’t sure if it was made with Vegetable broth or Chicken broth decide to not take a risk and put the soup away.

During lunch I visited some of the booths and picked up: a copy of 10 Minute Solution Booth Camp

10 min Solution - Booth Camp

Recipes from POM – Created by Chefs

and a Kitchen Scale from Eat Smart
Eat Smart Kitchen Scale

The afternoon flew by very quickly and in between session I was able to enjoy a sampling of the Twin Cake Bakery goodies.

David Grotto was the closing keynote speaker and talked about his two books; 101 Foods that can save your life and 101 Optimal Life Foods .

Post reception conference was hosted by Jell-O.   They were a selection of sushi and Jell-O for everyone to enjoy.


Veggie Sushi

Vanilla Pudding by Jell-O

Chocolate Pudding - Jell-O

I enjoyed a couple veggie rolls and decided to skip the Jell-O.

After the reception  Mandi & I went for a walk around the harbor and decided to eat at  Lebanese Taverna .   We shared the Vegetarian Mezza (a sampling of fatayer b’jibneh, m’saka, foole m’damas, baba ghannouge, hommos, fattoush, fatayer b’sbanigh, lebneh, falafel).

Mandi and I at dinner

Vegetarian Platter

Oops I forgot to take a picture of the whole plate… so here is some of the other stuff in my plate

I had a great time in Baltimore and got to meet some wonderful bloggers and new friends… I am also very glad that I am back home with Raymond and Sadie :)

~ G

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