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First Married Date Night & Rest of the Weekend!…

Posted Sep 04 2012 7:00am

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday to you!  It’s nice that one day of the week has already come and gone and most of us didn’t have to work.  I’m glad that this is going to be a short week.  I hope you had a great weekend!  What did you do this weekend?  I really haven’t been feeling good lately and I’m still not feeling good today.  I was debating whether or not to stay home today from work but I decided to come in anyway.  Today is going to be a hard day.  Today Oliver is getting surgery.  I am very nervous as well as the rest of my family.  Melissa is taking him today with our dad to the vet.  Oliver has to stay over night and then he can be picked up tomorrow.  You can be sure I will be seeing him tomorrow.  I’m just praying that he will be alright and that everything will go well.  Please keep him in your thoughts today.

I’ll recap my weekend now.  On Friday, my work had a half-day.  I left a half hour earlier than everyone else because I had to see my gastrointestinal doctor.  I told him that for the last 3 weeks my ears have been hurting me pretty bad and I neglected to go to the doctor.  I’ve been having a hard time hearing and now my throat hurts.  Before he puts me on the heavy-duty medication to treat my Crohn’s Disease, the upper respiratory stuff needs to clear up.  So he gave me a prescription for the medication but I have to call him on Thursday to fill him in on my ear and throat issues and then he will give me the directions on how to take the medication.  Being as stubborn as I am, I have once again set back my recovery from Crohn’s.  I was so angry at myself when I left the doctor, I couldn’t help but want to burst into tears.

I drove myself straight to the Minute Clinic at CVS which I was then the 21st person in line!!  I would never be seen.  So I left and decided to get there early Saturday morning.  I went home and dropped my things off and went over to Melissa’s house. We brought Oliver to the vet to get blood work taken.  Then we decided to pick up Boston Market for dinner.  I needed comfort food when I don’t feel good.

My Boston Market meal


I spent time with Melissa and my mom the rest of the night, just relaxing and spending time together. It was exactly what I needed.  I woke up early on Saturday morning and got to CVS at 8am.  The Minute Clinic opens at 9am.  So as soon as I could, I put my name in.  Around 8:45am, there were about 15 people in line already with me being the first, thank god!  I was finally seen.  I have an ear infection and fluid in both of my ears that I have been walking around with since the week before we got married.  Nice, right?  Now the pain and irritation is moving down to my throat. So I was put on antibiotics and I pray they start working soon.

I got home and Mike I spent the afternoon relaxing and watching tv.  I think I probably fell asleep for a little bit too.  Once I woke up, we got ready for our first married date night together.  We went to PF Changs for dinner.  I didn’t take any pictures because I just wanted to spend time with my husband on our first date night together.  At PF Changs, I was really careful with my stomach.  I ordered steamed shrimp with white rice and I was actually okay after eating it from there.  Our next stop was Menchies for frozen yogurt!  We both loved it.  It was a really cute place.

Next up was watching the Hunger Games!  Finally!  I read the book, Mike didn’t.  We both thought it was really good.  I didn’t like how some things from the book were missing in the movie.  I really need to read the second book though.  I hope it comes in from the library soon!  I’m getting restless.  I had such a great date night with Mike.  It was really nice to just take some time and relax together.

On Sunday, we woke up early to go the beach in Belmar, NJ.  We were meeting Russ, Kristen and Kyleigh.  Russ was one of Mike’s best men in our wedding and Kristen was a bridesmaid.  We spent some time on the beach but had to go in early because it started to rain.  I had fun playing with Kyleigh.  We decided to go to Surf Taco for dinner.

Surf Taco


My chicken quesadilla


Kyleigh and I with her daddy, Russ photoboming the picture!


After dinner, we got ice cream from the most incredible ice cream place and then went our separate ways.  I hope we can get together again soon.  It’s hard because we live so far from one another.

We then ventured to Mike’s families house so we could show them our honeymoon pictures.  By the time we left there, I was completely exhausted and just felt terrible.  I couldn’t wait to go to sleep.

On Sunday, Mike and I went to the supermarket and just spent the rest of the day at home.  I went to Melissa and my mom’s house to see them for a little and to wish Oliver good luck today.  I went home and made us pizza for dinner. I skipped the sauce on my side because tomatoes are causing me a ton of pain.

My dinner


That was the rest of my weekend!  I am hoping to start recapping our honeymoon soon.  I’m still waiting for wedding pictures. I have a feeling we will be waiting for a while.  So I will definitely be doing honeymoon recaps as soon as I can.  I promise.

Have a great Tuesday!


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