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Find an Animal – Game for Language and Attention

Posted Jan 15 2013 3:42pm
on by healthymama

“Find an Animal” is a wonderful way to teach preschoolers and toddlers about the art of paying attention, the Montessori way. As the kids have to very intently look into the pictures in order to find the hidden animal, tehy really learn how to focus on an activity. It also teaches the toddlers vocabulary, as you are repeating the names of the animals over and over.

I printed out these Montessori cards , laminated them and put them in two piles:

“what animal?” and


I pulled out the “what animal?” cards, one by one and put them in front of the kids. They then had to guess which animal was shown to them and find that animal’s picture in the “animals” pile. I was amazed at how focused and interested the kids were in this activity and that includes my always-running-never paying attention 2 year old boy!

The cards cost about $3, but they are worth it, because as the kids are done playing, you can make other projects with them. A homemade book is one idea, a large poster is another one.

While playing the game, mykids learned the names of many animals, their camouflage and why they have to blend in in order to survive. The kids also learned how paying attention will give them the result they want, if they persevere.

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