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Finally Getting Settled…

Posted Jun 22 2009 12:35pm

Finally, it feels like J and I getting settled in the new apartment.  I still cannot believe that we are living here, it’s just so nice and big. Even my parents were amazed at how huge it is for the rent. It took me 30 minutes to vaccum and I still didn’t get all of the carpeting yet…

I’m planning on doing a video sometime soon, once everything is settled since J still hasn’t moved some of his furniture over (most of the big stuff was mine). But the best part is that I finally have a kitchen and a full fridge again! Well, kinda, we still have more stuff to get. I ran the food down to absolutely nothing so it’s super nice to get a home cooked meal! We’ve been eating out for almost a week (I’ve been travelling for work too) and I can totally tell, I feel icky and my skin is icky and all I want to eat are veggies.I do have to say that Panera does make some yummy salads (even without the dressing!)

The best meal to christen our new apartment… Mac and Cheese! I made J his favorite, but with whole wheat shells and veggies. The bad thing, the oven runs hot and burned the bottom of the pan. :oops: Guess the oven runs hot and I need a new thermometer. Just imagine this but with shells…

There will more frequent posting now. It’s nice to be settled and I know that I’m not travelling until mid-July, so I’ll be able to cook more! I’ve already started meal planning for this week, and I’m looking forward to blogging regularly again!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I’m a lucky girl to have mine!

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